How to Elect a Pope: A Guide for the Perplexed

Dorian Speed and a group of Catholic bloggers, catechists, and writers are doing their part to fight the stupid.

Every time a mainstream reporter or pundit opens his or her yap about the church, the pope, conclave, the next pope, or pretty much anything having to do with religion, brain cells die. Mollie Hemingway and Joanne McPortland have already cataloged some of more laughable pronouncements that slipped past all those  J-school professional and layers of fact checking, but you can count on more “crow’s ears” and “Is it unusual for the pope to also be the bishop of Rome?” gaffs in the weeks ahead.

That’s what makes so important. It lays out our beliefs and practices in clear language that even a New York Times writer can understand. There are sections on the papacy, the conclave, the work of choosing the next pope, symbolism, and more. People can even submit questions. There’s no more need for journalists to search for a professor dumb enough to ponder if a pope is still infallible when he retires, as if that’s a question that takes more than two letters to answer.

Dorian and friends have done a vital service to the Church, so check it out, share it, and circulate it. If you know any reporters, make sure they see it.

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