Some Images From the Pope’s Last Major Mass

It was a moving experience, and you can tell he was touched by the applause at the end, (despite his not being a fan of applause at mass).  Here is the text of his wonderful homily.

I miss him already.

Touched by the applause at the end

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  • victor

    Thank you for posting these. I missed out on the live stream because — appropriately enough, I guess — I was at a local Mass here. What beautiful pictures. Reading his homily now. I’m sure I’ll love it even if it doesn’t contain the phrase “So long, and thanks for all the fish.”

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    It would have been cool if he had just paused, looked up, and said, “And here’s the answer you’ve all been waiting for: 42.”

    I was on my way out to ashes when it started, so I now I’m going to the 3:30.

  • Maggie Goff

    I watched online at EWTN. It was so beautiful. I had tears through the whole Mass, and especially when he was leaving. His last scheduled public liturgy. What a beautiful smile he has. He is the one who drew me back to the Church after decades away so I will miss him very much.