And Now: A Positive Media Story

I’m still gobsmacked that this piece by Ellie V. Hall ran on Buzzfeed. Here’s a taste of 9 Thing You Should Know Before Talking About The Papal Conclave:

8. The Catholic Church doesn’t hate gay people.

The teachings of the Church are straightforward: Sex is a fantastic gift of unity and procreation, which is appropriately placed within a loving, committed relationship in the Sacrament of Marriage, which is defined as a sacred union between a woman and a man. Both heterosexual and homosexual people are expected to live a life of virtue and chastity outside of marriage (since gay people can’t get married within the Catholic Church, they are called to a lifetime of celibacy). Married couples are told that using artificial contraception, thereby rendering the “marital act infertile,” is “intrinsically evil.” In other words, the Church feels the same way about premarital heterosexual sex and contraceptive sex as it does about homosexual sex… They’re all sins. It’s important to note that being gay is not a sin, but engaging in homosexual activity is.

It’s a straight up snark-free piece. Enjoy!

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