Roger Mahony: Twit UPDATED

What a contemptible little weasel. I know I should respect the office, and I’ll have to confess that, but this man is beyond the pale. He needs to just shut up.


UPDATE: Yeah, I blogged this one angry and intemperate, and shouldn’t be hurling insults at a prince of the Church. But this is so outrageous. He wasn’t content to praise Francis: he had to make a direct insult to Benedict. Why? This isn’t just a bit of opinion from a disgraced, possibly criminal, cardinal: it’s positively diabolical. Satan must cheer every time Roger takes to his keyboard or opens his yap. He’s sowing dissent.

And, as one private correspondent remarked, isn’t it an absurd thing to say for a man who spent hundreds of millions on his own tomb (the Taj Mahony) and hundreds of millions more on abuse payouts?

By the way, he seems awfully preoccupied about clothing for a man who should be in an orange jumpsuit.

UPDATE 2: On thing understood by most bloggers is this simple rule:

I popped off on Cardinal Mahony because of my deep affection for Benedict … who would not have wanted me to pop off at Cardinal Mahony. So … RATZINGARIAN FAIL!

My apologies to the Cardinal for not addressing this issue with respect and decorum. I do not believe we need to avoid criticizing the hierarchy. It’s that kind of clericalism that gave us the abuse scandals. But I do believe we can do it with dignity rather than rage. So, I am sorry.

I will not take the post down, because that’s not how the interwebs work. My shame is here for all to see, as is my tiny bit of redemption.

Humbly yrs,


Tom McDonald

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  • victor

    Now that he’s retired he must sit around the house all day watching “What Not to Wear” on TLC or something. It’s a good thing Pope Francis wasn’t wearing wood clogs or Mahoney may have REALLY embarrassed himself. Still it makes me wonder what Mahoney thought Benedict XVI’s shoes were like. I’m imagining solid gold wingtips with diamond encrusted aglets on the laces, made from spun silver.

  • Peony Moss

    Humility isn’t humility when it’s ostentatious. How much did that cathedral cost again?

  • MaryMargaret

    I already quoted Lutheran Satire on Mark’s blog, but it is just too fitting to not do it again. “Please shut your mouth before the angel of death destroys us all!” Seriously, will Cardinal Mahony ever Just.Shut.Up! He is a terrible embarrassment to us all. Can Archbishop Gomez ban him from the internet? (j/k..I know he can’t, but I wish he could.)

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Now that I’ve conquered my problems with women, liquor, and gambling, Raj’s Twitter account is my only near occasion of sin. ;)

  • Will Duquette

    I’ll admit that the Cathedral here in L.A. isn’t much to look at it…but I’ll give Mahoney this, the location is perfect. It is right downtown, right near City Hall, the various court houses, the Music Center, and so forth, has excellent underground parking and it gets quite a crowd at the daily noonday mass. The previous cathedral was much smaller, and in a much less convenient location. Monday night I went to a vigil there to pray for the conclave; I’d never have gone to the old cathedral late at night.

  • Florentius

    The brilliant location makes the fact that it’s a hideously ugly airplane hangar of a structure that much worse. The Catholics of LA will be stuck with that awful ziggurat for centuries unless one of Cardinal Mahoney’s successors has the courage to bulldoze it. Where’s a marauding band of Huns when you need one?

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Come back, Alaric, all is forgiven!

  • Advocate

    I’m sure the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey would know the appropriate thing to say. All I can muster is “Shut the Front Door!”. If you don’t understand, it’s a southern thing.

  • Tim Jones

    Ick. It will be sweet justice if Pope Frank hangs him out to dry after this smarmy display.

  • Manny

    You might be over reacting. I don’t see that as a slap at B16 but a comment on the extravagence of the Papacy in general. That’s still not the best thing for a Bishop (or ex-Bishop, whatever the term) to say, but I don’t think it’s that outrageous. By the way, if it means anything, I happen to like the extravagence of the Papacy.

  • Bill

    There’s no overreacting here at all.

  • MaryMargaret

    I think you are wrong..I think that he was absolutely taking a shot at Benedict. bleh who else would he be kvetching about? Blessed John XXII? who was crowned? Really?

  • Karen LH

    I don’t pay that much attention to Mahony so I don’t know, but is it possible that he’s developed health issues? Or has he always been this out there?

  • Will Duquette

    I don’t think it was intended as a slap at Benedict; I think you’re reading too much into it. I think Mahony is saying exactly and directly what’s on his mind without considering what implications others might draw from what he says. In other words, what he said was an insult to Benedict…but I don’t think that that is what was on his mind. I think he simply prefers simpler liturgies, and said so.

    This is of a piece with his recent blog posts, which seem to be all about Roger. Things are going on, and he’s reflecting on them, as he should, and he’s pondering how they affect him, as he should, and he’s telling us all about that, which is a Big Mistake.

    I’m not defending him, you understand; I think he’d do better to be silent. I just think that looking beyond the surface is a mistake. I don’t think he’s particularly subtle.

    And then, regarding health issues: I’m not aware of any, but I also remember my father in his later years, and I have to wonder. I’ve been told, though, that the Cardinal’s interpersonal skills are weak: he really doesn’t have any idea of how people are likely to react to what he says.

  • deiseach

    Okay, I kept my mouth shut all during the conclave, when I saw photos and pictures of Cardinal Mahony going up to swear the oath before the election with the other cardinals. And I kept my mouth shut when I saw more photos of him amongst the cardinals at the Mass.

    And I kept saying to myself “He’s a bishop of the church, he’s entitled to be there, he’s doing his duty, he’s your superior, refrain from backbiting.”

    But I’m going to blow a gasket here. No more ostentation, huh? Back to simplicity, huh? For a start, if some enterprising soul would dynamite that monstrous heap of dreadful vanity architecture that the archdiocese of Los Angeles has inflicted upon it in lieu of a cathedral, they would be doing a service to the ages. Okay, remove the tapestries of the saints first, they’re the only thing with any merit in the place.

    How many millions again did you spend on that eyesore, Cardinal?

  • deiseach

    Will, if the best thing you can say about a church is “It has great parking”…


  • Pancho

    I don’t blame you for not having gone to the old cathedral at night because it was in a sketchy part of downtown just off of Skid Row but that’s the one thing that really bothered me about abandoning St. Vibiana’s. It’s not like a new cathedral wasn’t need (for goodness sakes, its the largest diocese and 2nd largest city in the country) but they should’ve kept St. Vibiana’s open as a parish or monastery or something (and it turned out fixing up St. Vibiana’s wasn’t as expensive as they said it would be after all).

  • Pancho

    I meant to say “…bothered me about abandoning St. Vibiana’s because it felt a little like abandoning the people of Skid Row.

  • Allison

    And once again we witness Cardinal Mahony’s thought-process and “judgement”…

  • MaryMargaret

    Nope, I think Cardinal Mahony is well aware that Benedict was waiting for his resignation and the ink wasn’t even dry before Benedict accepted Rog’s resignation. Please..get over it..Mahony totally dislikes Benedict and is dissing him. Meh. Who cares? I just want Roger to imitate Benedict now and Just.Shut.Up.

  • MaryMargaret

    I am sort of losing my mind here..ten million dollars..ten million dollars! how many of those are coming from your pocket? Oh, right..those dollars are coming out of the pockets of the faithful Catholics in Los Angeles. Cardinal Mahony is personally responsible for at least two of these settlements. AAAArgh..even Cardinal Law has had the sense to JUST.SHUT.UP. HMMOG, please SHUT.UP.

  • Maggie McT

    He likes simpler liturgies? Have you ever attended the Religious Education Congress?

  • Manny

    Who? No one in particular. He’s talking about the Papacy in general. Was B16 more extravagent than any other Pope? I’ve never heard anyone claim he was. As far as I can tell he was in the general mode of other Popes. Unless there’s more context to those statements, I don’t see where it’s a slap against B16.

  • Angeles

    Ouch!! A little respect for the priesthood please! Regardless, lets’s take the high road dear brothers and sisters, if he truly meant to dis B16 whichI don’t believe, let God deal with him. We are doing the same thing he is, yet we are not trying to conceal our contempt. Let it go. 7 times 70 right?

  • frjimt

    why do you have to follow his tweets?
    if everyone would unsubscribe from him, or whatever you call it, he’d have no audience. instead y’all have been ‘caged’ by a ‘tweeting cardinal’ when you should be hanging w st (& pope) francis!

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  • Alexander Anderson

    As St. John Crystostom said: “The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of rotten bishops.” This pitiful man better be careful, or he’ll be adding to the decor. Prayers for his repentance are suggested.

  • Agnes Goh

    If we notice that someone has committed evil, let’s be very careful not to transport that evil into ourselves by uncharitable remarks and thoughts. God bless. Agnes Goh.

  • John Fisher

    What was extravagant about Benedict XVI. We need continuity. Ratzinger wasn’t ordained in 1969! He has a much longer memory and he didnt take all the trips JPII did. He didn’t waste money.
    Mahoney is having revenge on those who questioned him and removed him!

  • MasterThief

    No, you had it right the first time. No need to apologize. I hope Abp. Gomez reads Roger the riot act when he gets home to LA.

  • Lian

    Actually, I really like the LA cathedral. Much more than I like Mahoney, in fact. Have you ever been inside the cathedral? Or attended a Shakespeare performance in the courtyard? Because I’ve done both, and both are lovely.

    That is a rather unfortunate picture of the cathedral, imo. I actually like the architecture as a wonderful blend of old and new, a mixing of tradition and modernity. I love that they built it overlooking the freeway, because freeways are our modern rivers. I love the tapestries inside of saints of all eras standing in solidarity with ordinary modern people, all facing the altar. And I love the painted tapestry of the baptism of Jesus that overlooks the baptismal font.

    No, it’s not an old world cathedral, or even an east coast cathedral. But it’s in Los Angeles, a relatively young city with a relatively short history. Much as I love the cathedrals of Europe (and I’ve visited a number of them), I’m just as happy to leave them there. Los Angeles is a city of the 20th and 21st centuries, and I’m more than happy that its cathedral reflects that reality. It is of a piece with the city it belongs to, and that is as it should be.

  • Jeff

    That L.A. Cathedral is DISGRACE… looks like the inside was furnished by Sanford and Son!