Yeah, This is The Guy

Just a quick follow-up to my longer post. Just watch this. Look at his demeanor, body language, quick smile, and easy laughter. And buckle up: it’s gonna be an interesting ride.

None of this is to say anything against Benedict. It’s just … different. From shyness to openness. We can embrace all of it.

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  • Agnes

    He’s like everyone’s favorite grandpa. I’m loving it.

  • Andy

    A breath of fresh air for the Church. Only 2 Popes in my life time have been this genuine, JP2 & Francis. Excited for what’s to come for the Church.

  • kmk

    Sigh….Yeah, ungenuine Pope Benedict. His writings will breathe life into the Church for the next few hundred years, and you know the “wind beneath my wings” song? That would be Cardinal Ratzinger with Blessed John Paul. All of these holy men have or will endure great sufferings — for you and me, Andy.


    PS The “2 lungs” theme: East and West, Faith and Reason–how ’bout “Introvert and Extrovert?!”

  • Theodore Seeber

    Makes me wonder who Francis’ Ratzinger will be.

  • Stefanie

    Hey, I am crazy in love with PapaB…he was the kindly gentle elderly grandpa that you would visit on holidays who would try to teach you the old ways of the family so that you would carry the family name with dignity and knowledge.
    PapaC is from the American continent — our distance from places more formalized makes us a bit boisterous and emotional. He is the kindly grandpa that would take you night fishing and show you the constellations in the sky. I love how truly engaged our Nuevo Holy Father was with each brother cardinal. They have all gotten to know one another in these days — you can see the brotherly affection that comes from those who have experienced such an event, such a decision together. I pray that all DO fully support the Holy Father with their words AND with their actions. I will do all I can to follow him by my words and by my actions, too!