Use Disqus to Discuss Your Disgust About Discus

Looks like the new comment software is up and running. It’s called Disqus, because producks R kool when u mispell them.

Some stuff might disappear and all that, or maybe not. Expect everything to go TU and you’ll never be disappointed.

I haven’t seized control and done all my setuppy type stuff, but I hope to make it non-anonymous posts only to cut down on the trollage.

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  • Thomas L. McDonald

    This is me, leaving a message in my own combox. Because I like talking to myself.

  • EpicusMontaigne

    I’ll come talk with you if it makes you feel better!

  • victor

    What I love most about Disqus is that it keeps a meticulous record of all the comments I’ve ever made on everything I’ve ever commented on going back years and years to make it easier for propsective employers and law enforecment personnel to see every off-the-cuff remark I’ve ever made, completely devoid of its original context! Thanks, Disqus!

  • Clare Krishan

    Well said. Perhaps we’re expected to be grateful for the gift, saving us the bother of blogging (don’t care for Facebook, will tolerate Linkedin, and tweet for recreation). Can’t escape the impression that social networking is a nuevo encomienda monetizing the ether of consumer perceptions? Nothing to fear except the perennial human flaw, our inclination to sin.

    Online bullying and parody-ids are making the benefits of community solidarity subject to some serious usurpations of subsidiarity. Recently a Catholic Voices UK member was abused online after critiquing US Catholic Boston U’s commencement invite to the anticlerical Irish Taoiseach (perhaps if we’d had his unorthodox opinions compiled in a convenient Disqus comment thread that little bit of logical incoherence could have been avoided?). The higher-up the feeding chain in our global IT infrastructure, the greater the ability to do malice aforethought and intentionally mislead the less well-informed. Prudence as exercise in responsibility for the common good has reasserted itself as the preeminent cardinal virtue!

  • Clare Krishan

    what makes you think you “own” your Patheos combox, chuckle? Indeed the whole realm of property rights (alloidial title, alienation, easements, nonpossessory interest) in online real-estate is fraught with such misunderstandings.

    If its online its really no longer yours to control (a copyright awards rights to income controlled by the legislature that grants and enforces such privilege) and absent control we don’t ‘own’ any wealth value, the exchange is a service contract, a leasehold, the host owner’s rentseeking software platform* extracts token value from your creative content.
    Roger Scruton (@Scruton_Quotes) “Private property is one of the best institutions which has ever evolved, to protect us from the bullying of others” Has Socialism a Future?

    Yes indeed, on the internet. “Government as platform” a novel strain of tyranny in planned tokenism set to replace the mysterious serendipity of natural creative generosity? “If governments are to become more mature stewards of data and APIs, we need to think carefully about when and how users are “managed” through (for example) the issuance of API keys, and the language we use in things like “terms of use” statements.”

    What is wealth is a deeply metaphysical question that the younger generation at Patheos ought grapple with for their own liberty’s sake (Sam Rocha’s astonishingly airheaded tweet thread here:

  • Broken Whole

    This is why I’m a firm believer in commenting profiles that can’t lead back to my offline ID. (Well, actually, I’m sure that if someone really wanted to trace a thread they could, particularly if they were law enforcement, but I seriously doubt that any prospective employer is going to be that dedicated!)

  • TheodoreSeeber

    I left that line behind back in Usenet Archive days, before the advent of the web.