Verily, My Chickens Are in the Pan Used For Making Bread …

and they are indeed using their beaks to peck out the remaining dough in said pan. And no, granny’s dog does not bite.

Since I’m still sick, blogging will remain a bit light. Here’s the last post I did with chicken updates. As you can see below, they’re growing into mighty protein factories.

Dolly gets her beak rubbed. She finds it soothing.

Carrie & Loretta, watched over by Bella

Diamond (right) teaches Loretta just who’s boss.

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  • Karen LH

    When I saw that your chickens were in the pan, I initially thought something else.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    You can’t cook ‘em after you name ‘em. Especially not when they’re hand-raised by a 12-yr-old girl. ;)

  • beriggs

    My two chickens have slowed down in the egg department. Something tells me I’m going to keep feeding them until they meet their natural demises.