Let Me Get This Straight…

In the midst of revelations exposing the worst violations of our 1st and 4th Amendment rights in the nation’s history, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is, for the third time in his presidency, authorizing military aid and action in a country in which we have no direct interest and without consulting either Congress or the UN. This military action is coming in the form of weapons and air support for a group allied with terrorist forces we are fighting all around the globe, and which were responsible for 9/11 and countless other atrocities. This particular plucky Rebel Alliance have massacred villagers, targeted and killed Christians, and publicly executed a teenager in front of his family for making a joke about Islam. This military aid is triggering responses from Russia, which will probably step up its arms shipments to Syria, and Iran, which is sending at least 4,000 soldiers to assist the Syrian government. This, of course, will merely increase the chaos and bloodshed and lead us into a proxy war with Iran, which is what Iran wants.

Say what you will about Bush’s misbegotten military adventures, but at least he didn’t abuse the War Powers Resolution in pursuing them. Obama’s military moves against the governments of Libya, Egypt, and Syria are, in fact, illegal, and in the first two cases have led to the ascendancy of the very militants we’re fighting against. In Libya, it led to the first murder of a US Ambassador since 1979 and three others, and the ensuing coverup by an administration that willfully lied to the American people in order to win an election.

We are being led by fools. And we have learned nothing.

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  • http://www.parafool.com/ victor

    I’m usually pretty good at figuring out the real reasons behind things, but I have to admit this one has me completely stumped — which core constituency could possibly be served in this case? Maybe some conspiracy theorist out there can help us out.

  • http://www.godandthemachine.com/ Thomas L. McDonald

    Someone (was it you?) remarked that his decision came right after Clinton called him a pussy. Also, it’s a Wag the Dog moment.

  • http://www.parafool.com/ victor

    That wasn’t me, but I guess if ever this Administration needed a distraction, now would be the time. The choice of distraction, though, is rather bizarre so maybe this is just an impulsive act of pathological overcompensation after all. Who knows? Not me!

  • Gail Finke

    You pretty much summed it up, I think.

  • etniccatholic

    I think we HAVE been sending them arms, or at least helping the Saudis and Quatar to do it through Turkey & Jordan. We may be just ‘bluffing’ — and trying to get Assad to surrender, too. I don’t like it. It is really a Shia vs Sunni war, and they have been fighting since the middle ages – we are not going to solve anything. So many things can go wrong, and few can go ‘right’.

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    I’m baffled by this too. Frankly I don’t think Obama really in his heart wants to do this, but that he’s being pressured to do it. I have no idea why. I don’t see the American interest. Bill Clinto apparently pushed Obama and yet it was bill Clinton who chickened out of Somalia and Rwanda. I just don’t feel comfortable in supporting either side.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    It is this sort of thing that makes me want to campaign to enact Augustinian Just War rules for the United States.

    1. You should fight only in self-protection or protection of your family and country.

    2. You should show love for your enemy by not invading in revenge after the initial invasion is repelled.

    3. You should show love for your enemy by using weapons as likely to harm yourself as him (hey, Augustine’s ok with terrorism! And WMDS!)

    Then I remember that Hippo, using this tactic against the Vandal Siege, didn’t fare so well.

  • Stefanie

    “Wag the Dog” — when things get weird politically, I watch that great film again. Best cast of the decade. I will have it memorized before the end of the Obama Administration comes to a close.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    Because I don’t want to wait for the moderation of Zeke’s comment below:

    Morality and intelligence are not dependent upon technological level. In many ways, 4th century morality was ahead of 21st century morality.

  • http://www.godandthemachine.com/ Thomas L. McDonald

    Zeke’s in the cornfield. He won’t be coming back.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    Ah, that explains that. Still, was a good opportunity to make a point; and to advance my own brain towards a future blog posting on the disconnect between intelligence and technological progress.