Catholic Techie Interview

Sarah Reinhard at has run out of interesting Catholic Techies to interview, so she let me rattle on like a pompous ass for a couple hundreds words. Here’s a bit of it:

For me, the new evangelization has two parts. As a Catechist, I know that I’m essentially now in mission territory, with only about 20% of my students even attending mass. That creates a different set of demands for a teacher, and I’m still working out the best way for us to catechize both parents and kids. As a Techie, my role in the new evangelization is simply a matter of being. As a writer for a couple of mainstream magazines, I simply witness right where I am by discussing places where faith issues might play a role, as I did with the problematic ending of the otherwise-excellent game BioShock Infinite. As a Christian, I can show parents and fellow-Christians that their fears about things like Dungeons & Dragons or certain games are unfounded, and that in fact there may be a spiritual richness in electronic entertainment. I can also steer them away from other things that ARE problematic by discussing content from the perspective of a Catholic parent. One thing about the new digital arena–gaming, internet, mobile, social–is that parents need to do much more homework and stay connected to what their kids experience.

There’s more.

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  • victor

    That was a really good article: a great personal satement as well as edifying in terms of how you integrate your screentime into your faith. Since I never got invited to interview, though, she can’t be scraping the bottom of the barrel just yet! Though, I’m really quite a bit more of a Catholic Blechhie than a Catholic Techie. That’s probably not what they’re after, over there.

  • Sarah Reinhard

    Victor, I’d be happy to call test out what the bottom of the barrel looks like…feel free to email me at sarah at snoringscholar dot com… ;)

  • Sarah Reinhard

    Pompous ass? Hardly!

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    I always feel that way when I’m talking about myself. Thanks for the change to participate!

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Yeah! Interview Victor! Ask him about robots and bad funk music.

  • victor
  • Gary Chapin

    Don’t let him off the hook!

  • Harry

    Did you end up writing anything about Bioshock Infinite’s ending? I thought its take on Christianity was fairly nuanced until the ending, which on first glance appears to have been written by Richard Dawkins.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    I wrote something brief for Maximum PC, which I think was only in print. I thought the ending was a rebuke not just of Christianity and notions of redemption, but a betrayal of the characters.