Try Some French Accordion Music! You’ll Like It!

Gaga? Beliebers? One Dimension [sic]? That Chick From That Disney Show Who’s Now a Complete Tart?

They’re all history, man. 

The youth are abandoning them in droves because they know what all sensible people should know: music comes from the heart, not the boardroom. It’s not a commodity to be processed, auto-tuned, packaged, and pimped to brainless masses. It’s the heart and soul of a people.

Here’s what the kids are getting into next, I gar-aun-tee it:

Traditional music from centre France, Brittany, Alsace, and other places, played on a diatonic accordéon.

Yeah, thass right. Accordion, man.

Gary Chapin’s an old friend. We even wrote a book together, which you now can buy for one friggin’ cent!

Man, that’s just …

… crap. I gotta go lie down awhile …

* * *

Okay, I’m back.

I was talking about Gary’s new CD. It’s wunderbar. You can listen to it here, and buy a downloadable version for $7, or a handcrafted CD for $11.

It’s just grand. I love traditional music of all sorts. I guess it goes back to my fascination with the way culture manifests itself in the creative outpouring of ordinary folks. This is how people sound when they gather at home, in taverns, and at picnics. I miss that kind of real tavern culture in America. We’re poorer for its loss.

Anyway, I thoroughly endorse this CD, and give it my full seal of approval:

You can check out some his videos and writing about music at his blog, l’Accordeonaire.

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