Among The Catholic Writers and Marketers

Yesterday I took a day and traveled into the wilds of central Jersey to attend the Catholic Writers Conference and Catholic Marketing Network. I was invited by the wonderful Margaret Rose Realy … well, actually, my daughter’s cupcakes were invited, and I had to tag along to set them up.

Margaret had seen my girl’s award-winning creations and decided Catholics would set upon them like locusts. She couldn’t do her usual fancy cupcakes in such large quantities, but created this cupcake Rosary, which was a big hit.

I didn’t mention that the chocolate ones were Devil’s Food…

I also got to meet Margaret at last:

She’s Realy nice. (Yeah, I went there. Sue me.)

I’d never done one of these things before, so it was nice to leave my books and chickens and games behind and meet My People in their native habitat:

That is: surrounded by tons of free books, food, and liquor. Go Team Catholic!

I also got to met the Holy Father (Flat Stanley Edition) and … The Anchoress! Yes, the Big Cheese of Patheos Catholic and the best pure writer in the Catholic blogosphere was there. I have photographic proof.

Flat Francis?

I even met the Ignatius Press Chihuahua.

She looks nervous, as though she just learned the truth about Medjugorje.

I came home with a stack of free books, and this makes me happy, except I can’t read any of them until I finish my big December issue and a paper for a course on Ratzinger/Benedict.

Free beer, free food, free books: you have now discovered what it takes to get me to leave my house.

I also saw the CatholiCar display, which makes decals for your car. After my first few seconds of “So It’s Come to This?” sneering, I though “oh, why the heck not.” It’s better than Truck Nuts.

The one on the bottom says, “If the van’s a-rockin’, it’s because we have 5 kids.”

And the main ballroom had this Holy Water font with a seriously bored-looking St. John.

He’s thinking: “Worst. Bachelor Party. EVER.”

I met heaps of great writers and editors, saw tons of Catholic swag, attended a good presentation on Kindle marketing, and had my beer bought by The Anchoress.

Clockwise from left: Lisa Mladinich and her charming daughter, Pat Gohn, Margaret Rose Realy, Hairy Guy Wearing Stupid Tie, Elizabeth Scalia

Sometimes it pays to leave the house.

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