This Is Totally How I Imagined It …

… when I was little.

We were Monster Kids: our brains were rewired by the 4:30 movie.

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  • RachanaC

    Thank you for the laugh this afternoon! :)

  • Thinkling

    Don’t forget Round John Virgin.

  • DenverGregg

    I thought Shirley, Goodness and Mercy were three little girl stalkers.

  • RMW

    At the dinner table last week, one of my kids, I’ve got 11 so can’t remember which one but it must have been on of the older ones, remarked…”When I was little, I really thought quick sand was going to be a much bigger problem when I got older.”

    This began an entire dinner discussion around what we thought when we were little only to discover when we got older that it just wasn’t that way, or even true!

    My youngest, 6 yrs. old, wanting to add to the fun came up with “but I KNOW I’m going to always be the cutest!”