Just How Wicked Are Pro-Abort Propagandists?

This wicked:

The headline of the piece dials back on the click-bait propaganda of the document title:

The story itself is important, with profound ethical implications, albeit implications that have been discussed and analyzed for years. When valuable research is produced as the result of grave evil, how are subsequent generations to make use of that research? In this case, the subject is anatomical research derived from the torture, murder, and dissection of Holocaust victims.

The article is interesting and generally well-written. Midway through, however, the writer veers into grotesque territory by trying to hang this albatross around the necks of modern conservatives and pro-life advocates:

[Dr. Hermann] Stieve drew two conclusions that continue to be cited (for the most part, uncritically). He figured out that the rhythm method doesn’t effectively prevent pregnancy. (He got the physiological details wrong but the conclusion right.) And he discovered that chronic stress—awaiting execution—affects the female reproductive system.

In August 2012, then–Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri said that women can prevent themselves from getting pregnant after a “legitimate rape.”

That’s right: the year-and-a-half-old story of idiot Todd Akin saying something stupid (whereupon he was promptly tossed under the bus by the GOP) becomes the “worst anti-abortion arguments” of “conservatives.”

Odd: before Akin, I’d never once heard this “argument,” despite being pro-life and covering pro-life issues for national newspapers for 6 years.

The gossamer thread connecting the statements of one former Republican pol to Nazi crimes against humanity becomes–magically!–the conservative position on abortion.

[As a minor aside, the writer also gets the so-called "rhythm method" and its efficacy wrong because, well ... everybody knows it doesn't work!]

When people support something so obviously, gravely evil as snuffing out an innocent human life, it warps their ability to reason clearly. The writer researched and wrote an important story, and then compromised it by wrapping the entire thing around a lie. The dead, treated as less then human, abused, experimented upon, killed by the Nazis, are resurrected only to be used again, this time to score cheap political points. Disgusting.

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