Stupid Things Christians Do: Tract Tips

And by “Christians” I mean “Protestants,” primarily fundamentalist southern evangelicals.

This post went viral last week. It shows a fake “$10″ tract left as an actual tip for a waitress. The internet’s amplifying qualities made this seem like something new, but it’s not: “tract tips” are an old trick used by certain kinds of evangelicals to witness to people in a bold new way!

And by “bold new way,” I mean by being a total dick.

These tract tips come from various places, and they are like kryptonite for evangelization. Anyone reading any of these would fly as fast as possible from the kind of diseased faith that would produce such a thing.

Here’s a sampling from a self-publisher named James Russell. All of them have realistic-looking money printed on the other side:

I don’t know James Russell, but in my imagination he looks like this:

This is simply satanic. The one constant in the teaching of Christ and scripture is that God is Love. Love may be harsh, and God is willing to call sinners on their sin, but One who is Love may not also be Hate. And this is hate. James Russell is doing the devil’s work, as is anyone who uses deception to preach the gospel or denies the worker his wage by leaving a worthless piece of paper instead of real money.

We’re not supposed to water down the gospel, but we are supposed to preach it in love and charity. Things like this are a tiny fringe of the faith, but do real damage to the body of Christ.

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