Authentic Joy Is Here

I’m on break until after New Year’s, but I wanted to thank you all for another year of patronage. Thanks for spending some of your valuable time with me, and for all those who donated, used my Amazon links, or shared posts on Facebook and Twitter.

This evening, as I listened to the reading from Isaiah in the vigil mass in a Church packed to the rafters and shining with light and beauty and love, I felt again that peace I’ve felt only since returning to the Church. Certainly, I felt happiness in the years I was away: pleasure, gratification, satisfaction. But is was pretty weak tea compared to the authentic joy that comes only from God, brought to us as light drawn down from heaven through the Incarnation.

Authentic joy is possible only in the embrace of God. All else is an imitation. As we come to the end of our season of waiting and preparation, we remember again the day that joy came into the world.

May the peace Christ be with you and your family, your friends and loved ones. Through you, may the light of Christ shine in the dark places and bring authentic joy into a world in need. God bless you and protect you.


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