Do You Like Classic Movie Posters?

Who doesn’t?

And do you like Catholic patristics and apologetics? Now you can combine those loves by checking out author Rod Bennett‘s new project: 10,000 movie posters.

Rod has spent years compiling and digitally restoring images of thousands of vintage posters, and now he’s offering his work on 10 DVDs, with 1000 posters each, for $12 a pop. Here’s the official line:

The ultimate warm-up for your next home theatre movie night! Over seven years to collect—thousands of man-hours spent on Photoshop restoration. Incredible conversation starter for movie buffs.

Imagine having 1000 of Hollywood’s greatest poster images to display on your screen at home. Well, these discs put the images you see here daily at your disposal—huge jpeg images (averaging 3MB or more) that will display at near-fullsize if your screen is big enough. (The discs will play on most DVD and Blu-Ray players, and all home computers).

Many of the paper originals on these titles have sold for $50,000 or more. These digital versions give you the same awesome graphics, cleaned up and color-corrected to look just as they did when displayed outside the movie palaces of their day. Chipping, discoloration, watermarks, even fold lines—all have been digitally removed via the magic of Photoshop, leaving them looking brand new—better in some cases!

Each 1000-poster disc includes a full range of classic films from the 1890s to today, carefully chosen to give a “great moments at the movies” feeling that will put you and your guests in the mood for a movie like nothing you’ve seen!

Only the films that “resonate”—fan favorites, cult classics, Academy award winners. No “filler” posters. No junk posters just to fill out the thousand. These are the best titles from every genre. Many, many hours have been spent by me selecting only the cream of the crop.

Any lesser titles on the disc are there solely because the poster art is unusually good—more fun than the film itself.

Among the genres featured:
B Westerns, silent comedy, recent blockbusters, kung fu, Blaxploitation, Universal monsters, film noir, AFI Top 100, musicals, animated features, serials, Disney, Pixar, Lucas/Spielberg, Harryhausen, Hitchcock, superheroes, travelogues, newsreels, classic art house, 80s slasher, spaghetti westerns, sword & sandal, samurai, screwball comedy, 40s weepies, 50s Sci-Fi, Japanese monsters, short subjects, spook show, IMAX, Hammer horror, Elvis Presley, pre-code, two-reel comedies, all-colored cast, cartoon shorts, and more.

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