Watch What This Artist Can Do With An iPad

Morgan Freeman: you know him, you love him, he could inform you that he’d annihilated a small village and that soothing voice would make everything seem okay. Here’s his face:

Know what’s impressive about that image? It’s not a photograph. Artist Kyle Lambert made it with his finger, and iPad, and the Procreate app. Watch this time lapse to see how he did it.

YouTube Preview Image



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  • victor

    I have to admit to not being impressed by “art that looks just like a photograph!” especially when it is based on an existing photograph. We already have art that looks like a photograph — it’s called photography. Procreate is a good app, though.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    I disagree. There’s a technique to it that is its own reward. I get that there seems to be little point to it artistically, but in terms of technique, I admire it.

  • victor

    I’d classify the “artist” more as a technician, then, but I guess in Greek there’s not much of a distinction.

  • Roki

    The point to it artistically is, among other things, in the ability to integrate photography and drawing/painting/CGI into a coherent image. If we can make a photorealistic image of actors, using technology this available, then perhaps we can make, say, a better-looking “Mary Poppins” or “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” or a less expensive “Avatar” or “Avengers”

    On the other hand, we might just end up with a Jar Jar Binks with more wrinkles and moles. Hm… maybe you’re right about being artistically pointless….