Learn Latin and Greek in 10 Easy Lessons

Well, maybe not “easy,” but at least the “10″ part is right. The Language Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin has a series of language modules with some pretty exotic offerings, including Hittite, Gothic, Old English, Old Norse, Ancient Sanskrit, and more.

The lessons of more immediate interest would be Latin, Classical Greek, and New Testament Greek.

Give it a shot! It’s really not hard to get a nodding acquaintance with Latin so you can pick your way through a text. You already know a good many words.

H/t Open Culture

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  • Paul Schumann

    Very cool. Latin I’m familiar with thanks to Seton, but Greek, that’s something else!

  • http://www.godandthemachine.com/ Thomas L. McDonald

    The hard part about starting Greek is getting a grip on the alphabet.

  • Paul Schumann

    I just finished reading Dr. Peter Floriani’s “The Horrors in the Attic” (part 4 of his (Catholic) fantasy saga and one of the characters noticed Greek letters in a stained glass window only visible to someone partially colorblind. There’s already a good deal of Latin in Floriani’s yarns but I’m definitely curious to learn more of the Greek.

  • RoamingChile

    Yes, Cool. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • Percy Gryce

    Which Seton?

  • Paul Schumann

    Seton Home Study School. I was homeschooled g3-12. Took Henle Latin for my last two years. Lots of neat Roman soldiers vs Gaul barbarians examples to translate so it was never boring.

  • Percy Gryce

    My middle daughter is in the same program for the eighth grade.

  • Paul Schumann

    Of course you homeschool… Why did I ever doubt you. I do wish I had taken Latin before two years of French. Though if the French text had been based on the Napoleonic War with a smattering of Indochina (only with Germans vs VC of course) then I’d have enjoyed it more.