The Most Commonly Used Password Was …

… yeah, you guessed it: “PASSWORD.” That’s been the winner for a couple years straight, but this year, computer users got wise and upgraded to a foolproof system with an uncrackable password.

That would be “123456.”

People, people, people … you need to stop doing this.

SplashData’s top 25 password list was compiled from data leaked to the net by hackers.

You don’t need to get all clever with passwords to make them better, with a lot of exotic characters and random numbers. Three objects or names that are loosely associated in your mind (but not necessarily in most minds) will work fine, like HUEYDEWIELOUIE or FATHERSONHOLYSPIRIT, but not that obvious. You can also build passwords based on loose associations, such as TOKILLAMOCKINGBIRD for Twitter, but not that obvious. Try to mix it up and add some digits as well. Child and pet names are bad if you have an active social media presence. 

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