Our Antibiotic-Resistant Future

Global warming doesn’t frighten me. This does.

Changing climate may or may not be a catastrophic issue for the world, but almost any attempt to address it is wildly impractical and guarantees only one thing: transferring vast amounts of money and power into the hands of people who already have too much of both.

The issue of antibiotic resistance, however, is real, and can be addressed by humans without disrupting the lives of everyone on the planet. There can be no Manhattan Project for “climate change,” but there can be one for developing new, targeted antibiotics and new diagnostic techniques. It’s that rarest thing for me: a Big Government funding solution I could support. Allowing the universities and drug companies to pursue the problem on their own, piecemeal, is simply less efficient than a coordinated effort. I have grave doubts that today’s US government is capable of managing this sort of project, but we did it with the bomb and the moonshot, and maybe we can do it again.

I have no intention of reading Dr. Blaser’s book because that kind of thing scares the heck out of me. (I read The Stand at an impressionable age.) You, however, might be made of stronger stuff.

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