This Just In: Selfless: The Story of Sr. Theophane’s Missionary Life in the Jungles of Papua New Guinea

Selfless: The Story of Sr. Theophane’s Missionary Life in the Jungles of Papua New Guinea by Reida Immolata This was a surprise review book that showed up on my doorstep via UPS last night. The cover and photos inside remind me of Story of a Soul (St. Therese of Lisieux’s autobiography). This is not an [Read More...]

Bleg: A Good Book About Catholicism and End-of-Life Issues?

A pal of mine is in the medical profession, just entered the Church, and was asking about a good book to read for end-of-life issues. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you! [Read more...]

In which Doan and Carstairs board the bus to Los Altos and meet their fellow passengers.

Doan and Carstairs are back in The Mouse in the Mountain which sees our hard-boiled duo on the beginning of a Mexican vacation. Hear it at Forgotten Classics. [Read more...]

Free ebook: 2012 Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction

Right now for free on Amazon you can download a selected short story collection as part of the “2012 Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction.” I haven’t read them myself yet. “… a new Catholic culture has gradually emerged in the United States, ….The establishment of the Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction has called forth that [Read More...]

What I’m Reading: Extinction Machine (Joe Ledger #5) by Jonathan Maberry

Extinction Machine by Jonathan Maberry Joe’s back. Pulled off vacation, Joe Ledger is knocking on research lab doors with Top and Bunny, looking into cyber-attacks so clever they can’t be tracked back to anyone. But no one’s answering, even though all the lights are on. Until a couple of men in black, who seem strangely [Read More...]

Scripture Incarnate: Matthew 1:1

I am reading through Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word, Vol. I, Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis’ commentary on the Gospel of Matthew. You can see all of my posts on this subject here. Erasmo’s view of scripture is deeply incarnational. Jesus is the incarnate Word of God; and the purpose of scripture is too bring us [Read More...]

Save Send Delete by Danusha Goska

Save Send Delete by Danusha Goska My rating: 5 of 5 stars I became excited when Moyers identified you as a skeptic who questions everything. I actually put down my fork and stopped chewing my pasta fazool. I question everything, and I find that makes me very lonely. If you want to talk about Islam [Read More...]

Catholics Come Home, the book


I’ve been a fan of Catholics Come Home for quite a while, so when I saw that the founder had written a book (called, appropriately enough, Catholics Come Home: God’s Extraordinary Plan for Your Life), I was interested. It was a fast read–11 chapters that have advice and insight that, while not earth-shattering or exactly new, [Read More...]

A Cordial Reading of Scripture

I have a dirty little secret. I don’t really like reading the Bible all that much. I mean, I’ve read it; all of the New Testament and much of the Old, much of it multiple times. I look at a passage of the New Testament and it tends to go in one eye and out [Read More...]

Francis: Pope of a New World

Francis: Pope of a New World is a book on Pope Francis that was just released as an ebook with the Hardcover coming in the next two days. This was written by the fairly well-known Vaticanista Andrea Tornielli. The writer who I keep forgetting is a man. This book has the flaws you would expect [Read More...]