Book Review: Tweeting with God

I have often heard on Catholic radio that the size of the Catechism of the Catholic Church is intimidating for many people. I am not one of those people since a 802 page tome is like a good start for me. Still I can totally understand why this is so for many people. The Church understands this also which is why there is a Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Still having a range of other formats is a good idea such as the Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church (YOUCAT). In a … [Read More...]

My Continuing Dickens Exploration: Dombey and Son

Dombey and Son by Charles Dickens(Writing this without spoilers probably will lead to misdirection, but I feel there are too many people who probably haven't read this book. And I DO want to say some things.)*big sigh* Oh, that was good.It is interesting to me that I began reading Dickens with his later books. Going backwards to his earlier creations, one can see the training wheels on in some places. There are some very predictable plot developments that the reader sees as soon as … [Read More...]

Review: The Book of Feasts & Seasons by John C. Wright

The Book of Feasts & Seasons by John C. Wright THE BOOK OF FEASTS & SEASONS is a beautifully mind-bending stroll with a grandmaster of science fiction through the annual Catholic calendar. Over the course of the year, from January to December, the author takes his inspiration from ten different holidays and explores their meanings in a series of stories of marvelous imagination. ...  I'd already read several of these stories online, exactly where escapes me but probably on the author's … [Read More...]

Well Done Basics: Tweeting With God by Michel Remery

Tweeting with God: # Big Bang, Prayer, Bible, Sex, Crusades, Sin, Career . . . by Michel RemeryI'm a sucker for books about the basics. Even if I know a lot about something, there's always some new detail to learn. I also often find food for thought when something is expressed in a new, imaginative way. Best of all, it can give me simple ways to explain something I might know so much about that it's hard to remember what it felt like to just need the basic scoop.That's why I like … [Read More...]

A Magnificent Book: Mockingbird by Walter Tevis

Mockingbird by Walter TevisOnly the mockingbird sings at the edge of the woods.Why have I never heard of this magnificent book before?Thank goodness my mother, 80 years old and never afraid of a Kindle Daily Deal, read it and commanded me to do likewise.In the 25th century all the work is done by robots, the ones that haven't broken down. Mankind stumbles along in a drugged stupor, trained from birth to avoid thinking and that "privacy is supreme. They haven't the basic knowledge … [Read More...]

Books Just In: Tweets, Seeds, Encounters, A Way Forward, and a Giveaway

Ah spring book season, when the new growth of authors and publishers sprout at the mailbox, unexpectedly delighting book reviewers.I love it.I won't get a chance to read these as fast as you deserve to hear about them. But they did pass the first chapter test and make it onto my "to read" stack, so here's a heads up.Tweeting with God: # Big Bang, Prayer, Bible, Sex, Crusades, Sin, Career . . . by Michael RemeryOk, I might not have been entirely accurate. I have mostly read this … [Read More...]

Congratulations to John C. Wright and Michael Flynn for Their Hugo Nominations!

Imagine my delight in seeing two of my favorite science fiction/fantasy authors among the 2015 Hugo Award nominations. I like their writing just that little bit more because they're Catholic. So sue me.CONGRATULATIONS guys!I hadn't made my April book purchase yet so dropped John C. Wright's  The Book of Feasts and Seasons into my Kindle. Several of the stories he's nominated for are from that book. What sf reading Catholic wouldn't love this concept? ... a beautifully mind-bending s … [Read More...]


Book Review: Megillat Esther

Megillat Esther by JT Waldman Esther's story is set during the Babylonian Exile, when the nation of Israel was overrun, Jerusalem sacked, and the people taken into slavery. The Jews were scattered over the Babylonian empire and some of the king's men schemed to wipe them out. The king had his own scheme--get rid of his unsatisfactory queen Vashti by, in essence, holding a beauty contest. Esther, a humble Jewish woman, was one of the many brought to Shushan (the capital city) to be judged if she … [Read More...]

A Catholic Gardener’s Spiritual Almanac by Margaret Rose Realy

A Catholic Gardener's Spiritual Almanac: Cultivating Your Faith Throughout the Year by Margaret Rose RealyI'm not a gardener.In fact, I'm so not a gardener that I realized I don't have a single plant growing in my home. I have a few container plants on the front porch which I remember to water when we're in the middle of the blazing Texas summers.(Do you hear that? I think we can hear Margaret Rose's heart breaking right now.)And yet I read and enjoyed her A Garden of Visible … [Read More...]


Book Review: Anne Frank by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon

Anne Frank: The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon Anne Frank's story of hiding in occupied Amsterdam from the Nazis has had several treatments in several different mediums (all based on the diary that she wrote while in hiding). I was excited to discover this graphic-novel treatment at my local library. While most versions focus on the time hiding in the attic, this book gives a full overview of Anne's life, starting with the marriage of her parents. … [Read More...]