Book Review – The Drama of Salvation

I had certainly been looking forward to Jimmy Akin’s newest book The Drama of Salvation: How God Rescues You from Your Sins and Delivers You to Eternal Life as it has been teased for awhile on Catholic Answers.The doctrine of salvation (Soteriology) is of course of supreme importance and like many important things it can be both easy and hard to understand. The subtitle of the book is actually a pretty good simplification of this branch of theology. The question “So what can I do … [Read More...]

Heaven and Hell: Visions of the Afterlife in the Western Poetic Tradition by Louis Markos

Heaven and Hell: Visions of the Afterlife in the Western Poetic Tradition by Louis MarkosMy rating: 5 of 5 starsThis was an excellent overview of the stories that have influenced and shaped our views of Heaven and Hell from ancient times until now. I particularly enjoyed the author's exploration of the chain of influences that have connected all these stories and the way that they've been tweaked to express new ideas in the "journey to the other side" format. For example, I never … [Read More...]


Book Review: St. Francis of Assisi by G. K. Chesterton

Chesterton takes on a challenging task in writing a biography of Saint Francis of Assisi. Francis was beloved in his own life time, so even the earliest sources are bound to exaggerate (if not make up) stories. Or at least skeptics can assume so. And Francis's life was well over five hundred years ago leaving plenty of time for legends and misconceptions to grow. How can a modern, interested person get a true understanding of the man with so many obstacles in the way? Chesterton flies over such … [Read More...]

The Lord by Romano Guardini

The Lord by Romano Guardini That Jesus’ task “is consummated” must be true, because he says so (John 19:30). Yet what a spectacle of failure! His word rejected, his message misunderstood, his commands ignored. None the less, his appointed task is accomplished, through obedience to the death—that obedience whose purity counterbalances the sins of a world. That Jesus delivered his message is what counts—not the world’s reaction; and once proclaimed, that message can never be silenced, but will kno … [Read More...]

Book Reviews: Finding Happiness and First Cause Arguments

Finding True Happiness: Satisfying Our Restless Hearts (Happiness, Suffering, and Transcendence) by Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, SJ. In some ways this is a seemingly odd book bringing together arguments from physics, a technical analysis of the four levels of happiness, along with help with prayer. Moving from physics to prayer. Still as a whole it is quite cohesive and instructive.I learned a lot from his detailed looking at the four levels of friendship. The division from first level of … [Read More...]

Dante’s 750th Birthday, Pope Francis and Some Good Reading

On the eve of the extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, the Holy Father expresses his hope that during this year the figure of Dante and his work will also accompany us on this personal and community path. “Indeed”, he remarks, “the Comedy may be read as a great itinerary, or rather as a true pilgrimage, both personal and interior, and communal, ecclesial, social and historical. It represents the paradigm of every authentic journey in which humanity is called upon to leave what Dante defines as 'the th … [Read More...]

The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel HawthorneThis was a great book. It was very different from The Scarlet Letter style-wise with lots of description which set mood, tone, and gave layers of additional meaning. Luckily, I've been reading so much Dickens lately that I was able to recognize when to abandon my usual "don't bore us, get to the chorus" reading style and sink into those layers. Hawthorne also does eccentric characters who you learn to love in a way that is Dickens-worthy … [Read More...]

Book Review: Triumph by H. W. Crocker III

Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church by H. W. Crocker III  With a title like Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church, any reader can make a reasonable guess about the attitude of author H. W. Crocker III. He's as pro-Catholic a writer as you may ever come across. He covers the two thousand year history of the Catholic Church and hits all the highlights--the apostles' initial efforts, the age of Constantine, the split with the Eastern Orthodox, the … [Read More...]

Book Review – The Coup at Catholic University

As a convert to the faith I have become quite interested in the history of the Church during the whole lifetime of the Church. Pretty much every age of the Church is quite fascinating. The ups ands downs, the saints and sinners, all the ecclesiastical conflicts. These tensions in Church history are chronicled from the New Testament on.After reading a new book I reflected on the fact that one aspect of Church history I have read a good deal on is primarily the last fifty years and the … [Read More...]


Book Review: City Beyond Time by John C. Wright

City Beyond Time: Tales of the Fall of Metachronopolis by John C. Wright Nothing lasts forever, even if you have the ability to travel through time and try to make it stay. John C. Wright's collection of short stories tell various significant and insignificant events near the end of the city of Metachronopolis, where time travelers called "Time Wardens" live and gather various items and people from history for their own amusement. With great power comes great corruption, but not everyone … [Read More...]