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After years of waiting and wishing for someone to start a book club near me, I decided, sometime last summer, that the task was mine. So I sent an email, inviting a few friends to join me for a discussion of one of my favorite novels, Mr. Blue. It’s evolved into a few more ladies, and [Read More...]

The Christus Experiment by Rod Bennett

The Christus Experiment by Rod Bennett My rating: 4 of 5 stars He’s been divinized, demonized, demythologized, and decoded. He’s been spoken for and spoken against, the best loved, least understood, most controversial figure in human history. All of which makes Jesus of Nazareth the single most tempting target for haunted Georgia billionaire Anson MacDonald [Read More...]

Refuse to Do Nothing: Finding Your Power to Abolish Modern-Day Slavery


“Hey, wanna watch a movie?” I’ll be honest: I almost didn’t agree to it. In some ways, I wished for at least a week afterward that I hadn’t. But when my husband and I talk in the evenings, and when I’m actually awake enough to watch something and want to watch something (I default to preferring [Read More...]

Scott struggles to get systems back online while Julie rolls poisoned eggs to the Velociraptors.

Yes, we’re discussing Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton at A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast. Join us! [Read more...]

Father Gaetano’s Puppet Catechism by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden


This review is of the audiobook edition and originally appeared at SFFaudio. My rating: 3 of 5 stars. When this audio novella came in for review, it took a few days to make the connection: Mike Mignola is the creator of Hellboy! I’m a fan of the Hellboy movies (directed by Guillermo del Toro), but [Read More...]

Introduction to Catholicism for Adults, Chapter 1 Notes

When do you break down and write a book review chapter-by-chapter? When you suspect that pound-for-pound, the book is bigger than your own brain.  Hence the suspicion that by the time you finish Chapter 25, you’ll have no memory of how you really felt about Chapter 1. Big is not bad, when the topic is [Read More...]

Day Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko

Day Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko My rating: 4 of 5 stars Loneliness, dejection, the contempt or pity of people around you–these are unpleasant feelings. But they are precisely the things that produce genuine Dark Ones. As with the previous book in the series, Night Watch, this is comprised of three stories. Unlike the previous book, [Read More...]

Choosing Joy

Teilhard de Chardin said many odd things, but when he said “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God” he had certainly hit on a profound truth. A joy that is not just a reflection of momentary emotional happiness, but a joy of reflective of living the Gospel despite what you currently feel. [Read More...]

Pope Names

Pope Names

Jimmy Akin put out an ebook last year without publicity that he wrote on the lark. That ebook concerned a study of papal names and was simpply called “Pope Names” which describes itself as “The Definitive Guide to the History of Papal Naming, Why Popes Choose the Names they Do, and What Name the Next [Read More...]

Lent: Books

WHAT I’M READING As often happens, I am already reading two books that are really hitting me where I live. I can just keep going with them through Lent. I realize they are Pope Benedict-centric which is just going to make me miss him all the more upon his retirement soon. Oh well. It will [Read More...]