Friday food for thought quote: does a dog have a conscience, from Temple Grandin

“[Y]ou don’t have to have language to have a conscience, which means it’s at least possible for an animal to have a conscience, too. Many owners have seen their dogs act remorseful after doing something wrong, but animal behaviorists always reject this interpretation. However, no one has shown that an innocent animal can’t feel bad for doing something he knows is wrong, the same way an innocent child can feel bad for doing something he knows is wrong. We shouldn’t assume that we know for a fact animals never experience the emotion of guilt, because we don’t.”

-Temple Grandin, “Animals in Translation”


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  • Farrah Summerhays

    I truly think that breed specific legislation ought to be prohibited. A dog growing to be vicious isn’t based on the breed of dog, but on who raised the dog, and also for what purpose.

  • sam harris

    Honestly i think animals have a conscience. and its not as advanced as ours at some point. but i really know that the dogs and other animals have feelings, sexual desires are more common with all the animals other than that love is often found within them. here is an article which gives and insight into what conscience is,