Image of Jesus on dog’s butt God’s second appearance?

The latest image of Jesus on a dog's butt, currently making the rounds on Facebook, 2011

Facebook, where old fads get a second life, has offered up a new photo: an image of Jesus on a dog’s butt.

The current photo making the rounds appears to be that of a pug or pug mix, shared by Reddit user Feature_Creature, with the title “It’s a MIRACLE! Take that Jesus Toast. It shows what certainly looks like Jesus on the dog’s rear end.  But is this an old story or another appearance of God on a dog?

In 2006, Jessica White, a photgrapher and artist based in Los Angeles, allegedly snapped this photo of her dog, Angus MacDougall, a 3-year-old terrier mix:

Anus MacDougall's appearance of Jesus, in 2006

It made the internet rounds for years, and is still being shared today.

Is it possible Jesus has appeared not just on one dog’s butt, but two? The latest photo is a pug; Angus was a terrier. So if it is truly a second appearance … what (if anything) does it mean? (Other than we got to have a little giggle today.)

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  • Jonathan Schwager

    Seeing my Lord and Savior on the rear end of a Dog is very upsetting. I find no humor in this.

    • tami

      Good thing God has a sense of humor, laugh God giggles too ;) the Bible says seek God its not specific were;)

    • Darthvoice

      Oh I’m sorry, you don’t like it? Then forgive the guy that posted it, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? There is no “lord and savior”. Don’t like that? Forgive me.

  • Schnikees

    And yet, there it is. I find it quite hilarious.

  • Pat

    If you use your imagination you can almost see anything but why are you starring at the rear of the dog? If I am looking I am looking for any health issues. I don’t think Jesus would find this funny.

  • Richard

    Pat–that’s not a very nice thing to say about Jesus. I read he was smart. And smart people can see funny when it’s right in front of their faces. He was would also think the Jesus Toast people were hilarious as well. Cause he was smart, see? He never seriously suggested that people worship toast, or dog butts for that matter. In fact he said to keep your faith to yourself, and here you are publicly announcing that your faith is stronger than others here. Say he also suggested humility, which would once more preclude public demonstrations of piety such as yours.

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  • HairyLongProng

    Sweeeeeet….take that to your church and show it around…

  • socrates2

    God made this dog, too.
    “Everything happens for a reason.”

  • doctor perverso

    In New Jersey sometime back, a guy who had three DUIs stole his neighbor’s identity to get a new driver’s license. He then got arrested for drunk and disorderly. The cop who ran him through the system under the new ID came back and said “According to the database, you’re a registered sex offender in Connecticut. Why aren’t you registered in New Jersey?’.-so don’t any of you KKKreeshtuns try to tell me that God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

  • Terri Bourque

    SMH , I don’t think Jesus would find this funny.I am offended by this I am disgusted at the moron who posted such blasphemous picture.

    • 6PUNK7

      these people are empty ,, and one day will need Gods help

      • Jonathan Good

        An example of intelligent design

        • 6PUNK7


          • Darthvoice

            And you’re an example of a fake christian with no sense.

          • 6PUNK7

            to be a real christian is real hard and very rough road to follow , but i try and i always praise GOD as much as possible ,,, but i dont tell non believers what they have to praise , but when someone mocks my LORD , I take it personal , and will not stand for it especially in from of my face

    • Darthvoice

      Really? You claim to be a christian and then called the person a moron? Isn’t that against the 52 different tracts of your own “bible” that state your “god” is the only judge and that those whom judge others will be the first to have their transgressions shown? Hey, I have an idea, why don’t you ACTUALLY follow the teachings of your “Jesus” and forgive the poster?

      Your religion is based on lies. Don’t like me saying that? Forgive me.

  • 6PUNK7


    • Darthvoice

      Your virgin birth was a lie made up in order to hijack the festival of Saturnalia from the Roman Pagans, a festival stolen and then named “christmas” in order to make the Roman conversion go smoothly. The resurrection is also a LIE made up to coincide with the Roman Pagan festival of sex, love, death, and war called “Eastre” for the same reasons.

      Your entire religion is based on lies and was basically formed to usurp the power of Rome during tumultuous times in humanity. Your “Jesus” is not waiting, nor is he coming back to do anything. There is no heaven, there is no hell, and christianity is a disease, an enemy of humanity.

      • 6PUNK7


      • Jose Flores

        Really?? Have you ever read the bible?

  • Sabrina Rose

    O’ geez people lighten up god created butt holes I’m sure he’s having a great laugh right now, besides dog spelled backwards means god.. Peace