Image of Jesus on dog’s butt God’s second appearance?

The latest image of Jesus on a dog's butt, currently making the rounds on Facebook, 2011

Facebook, where old fads get a second life, has offered up a new photo: an image of Jesus on a dog’s butt.

The current photo making the rounds appears to be that of a pug or pug mix, shared by Reddit user Feature_Creature, with the title “It’s a MIRACLE! Take that Jesus Toast. It shows what certainly looks like Jesus on the dog’s rear end.  But is this an old story or another appearance of God on a dog?

In 2006, Jessica White, a photgrapher and artist based in Los Angeles, allegedly snapped this photo of her dog, Angus MacDougall, a 3-year-old terrier mix:

Anus MacDougall's appearance of Jesus, in 2006

It made the internet rounds for years, and is still being shared today.

Is it possible Jesus has appeared not just on one dog’s butt, but two? The latest photo is a pug; Angus was a terrier. So if it is truly a second appearance … what (if anything) does it mean? (Other than we got to have a little giggle today.)

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