Share your pet’s picture with Santa!

Christmas is almost here and if you’re like most pet owner/parents, you’ve had your dog or cat sit on Santa’s lap for a photo, so I thought it would be fun to have readers share their pictures. Head over to the Heavenly Creatures Facebook page, “like” us, and then upload your photo – then I’ll pick some to share here on the blog from now until Christmas!

I’ll start – these pics are Scout and Bandit, from 2009.

Bandit and Santa; Bandit ate some biscuits and knocked over the lights and Santa still filled his stocking!
Scout and Santa; he's always a good dog!

How we even ended up seeing Santa was an adventure. Bandit had eaten my inhaler and ended up in the veterinary emergency room. The day he got out, Santa was there doing photos for charity! Not only did he get his picture taken, he stole some biscuits and knocked over all of the lights. It was so much fun I went home and got Scout. That was a lot of great memories for just $10. You can read more on Bandit’s blog.

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