Join Patricia McConnell in a discussion about animals at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Thursday, June 21

Join author and animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell this Thursday at the MMoCA for a discussion about animals and art.

 If you’re in the Madison, Wisconsin area and are also an animal lover, here’s a don’t miss event: this Thursday, June 21, Patricia McConnell, author of fabulous books including “The Other End Of The Leash” and “For The Love Of A Dog” will join Richard H. Axsom, curator at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, for a discussion of the complicated and often contradictory relationships humans have had with animals.

The discussion is part of the museum’s exhibit, One must know the animals, which opened at MMoCA on June 2 and runs through August 19th. As humans learn more and more about their animal friends – not just as beasts of burden but as companions in this journey called life – the topic of the human/animal relationship has become a popular topic for books and documentaries. The expression of creation through painting and photography promises to be equally moving, enlightening and thought-provoking.

This Thursday’s discussion, “McConnell and Axsom on Animals, People and Art”, begins at 12:30 PM and ends at 1:15 PM. Hours at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art are Tuesday–Thursday (noon–5 pm); Friday (noon–8 pm); Saturday (10 am–8 pm); and Sunday (noon–5 pm). The museum is closed on Mondays. Admission to exhibitions at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art is free of charge. For more information, visit the museum website.

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