Kitty endures a cycle in the washing machine and lives to meow about it

Natasha the kitty endured an entire cycle in the washing machine and lived to meow about it.

They say cats have nine lives. If it’s really true, Natasha the kitty used one on an adventure in the washing machine. She survived an entire wash cycle, and came out fluffier in the process.

Natasha,  a six-month-old Siberian Forest kitten, has always been curious about the washing machine, her owner Daryl Humdy told Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI). He didn’t think being curious about the washing machine meant the cat would ever get into the washing machine. But one day last year, Daryl’s roommate was doing laundry. He finished a load, went to another room to get more clothes, threw them in the machine and hit the start button.

After the 35-minute wash cycle, Daryl and his roommate were shocked to see that Natasha the kitty had been inside the machine for the entire time. Wet and visibly shaken, Daryl rushed Natasha to the animal hospital where she was treated for hypothermia and shock. Miraculously, she didn’t have any broken bones or other serious injuries. Able to make light out of what could have been a “cat”atstrohe, VPI says, “The veterinarian even praised Natasha as the most pleasant-smelling pet they had ever treated.”

Fortunately, Natasha made a full recovery and earned the title of December’s “Most Unusual Claim of the Month” by VPI.

Every month, VPI notes their most unusual pet claim, and then awards the Hambone Award to the most unusual claim for the year. While they do it to highlight the benefits of having pet insurance to cover the expensive costs of pet calamities, they also spotlight some safety tips for pet owners. This month, it’s a simple one: check the washing machine before you hit the start button to make sure no kittens are mixed in with the load.

On a side note: I keep picturing Natasha in the washing machine, lid closed down leaving her trapped and in the dark. The water level probabaly left enough space for her to breathe as long as she was able to stay on the top of the wash load, but she almost certainly spent the entire time battling the pull to drag her to the bottom. And it’s truly a miracle that she didn’t suffer brain damage spinning around after the rinse cycle. The poor kitten was probably fightened out of her wits. That she’s completely recovered is mind boggling. Truly, God watches over all of his creatures.

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