Mrs. Robin and her babies: the final chapter, part 2

Three robin babies, getting ready to leave the nest.

It was just this morning that I noticed a lot of activity in the robin’s nest and decided to set up the tripod to get some video of the fledglings. In Part One, you saw how active the babies had become, and watched one leave the nest – possibly by accident.

PART TWO: If it was an accident, it was a happy accident, because he not only left the nest again and again, he brought his siblings with him. What I found really interesting was the difference in reaction to the mother robin when she returned to the nest. Until now, it had been a frenzy of “Feed me! feed me!”. But after all three birds get a taste of life on the ledge, two are less interested in running to mama – and one of those two almost completely ignores her return.

This was at about 1 in the afternoon. After I took this video, I went out to run errands. When I got home, I got a big surprise … the nest was almost empty.

Stay tuned for Part Three. It’s been a long journey with the robin family, from Mrs. Robin’s struggles building the nest and laying the eggs to watching the babies into fledglings ready to take flight. If you’ve missed any posts about Mrs. Robin, you can see lots of photos here.

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