Mrs Robin and her babies: the last chapter, part 1

This morning, I noticed that Mrs. Robin’s babies were getting active in the nest. Crowded, antsy, excited. So I brought the camera outside and set it up on the tripod, just in case anything exciting happened.

It was only yesterday I noticed one bird trying to perch on the side of the nest and I thought it might be cute to watch them stretching and puffing up their feathers.

What I didn’t expect? That today was their last day in the nest.

PART ONE: This is how the morning started, the birds stretching and flapping, clumsy and off balance. I’m not sure if the one little robin actually knows how he ended up outside the nest. But he apparently liked it, because as the morning progressed he made more and more deliberate forays onto the window sill.

The dog barking you hear midway through is Bailey barking at a cat on the other side of the fence. I love that the birds were on alert when they heard her. I hope they’re as alert to the dangers that await them when the finally make it to the ground – including the cat and the dogs.

I expected to watch the birds stretch their wings, but I wasn’t prepared for the progress they made today.  Stay tuned for PART TWO.

And if you’ve missed any posts about Mrs. Robin, you can see lots of photos here.

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