Man, Not Superman

God the Word became man. He did not become super-man; he became man. God took all that is human and made it his own. He became lowly so that we may be raised up on high. He emptied himself so that we could become filled. The one who is by his divine nature invisible, omnipotent, [Read More…]

On Rahab, Prostitute and Prophet of God

In listing the ancestors of Christ, Matthew brings forth a large variety of figures, among whom we read, “and Salmon the father of Boaz by Rahab, and Boaz the father of Obed by Ruth, and Obed the father of Jesse” (Matt. 1:5 RSV). Rahab is one of the few women Matthew places into Jesus’ lineage. [Read More…]

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The Eighth Day: Thomas Sunday

The resurrection of Christ on the first day of the week is also symbolically understood as happening on the eighth day creation, representing the eternal and everlasting joy of heaven which comes after the sabbath rest. For Jesus fulfilled in his death the perfect sabbath rest, and so in his resurrection, he brings us to [Read More…]

April 20, Feast of St Theotimus

Saint Theotimus of Tomi was one of the many “illustrious men” whom St. Jerome wrote about in his little work of Christian history, saying of him, “Theotimus, bishop of Tomi, in Scythia, has published brief and epigrammatical treatises, in the form of dialogues, and in olden style. I hear that he is now writing other [Read More…]

Be Humble, Remember Those Who Faced Greater Challenges Than Us

He also said, “God does not allow the same warfare and temptations to this generation as he did formerly, for men are weaker now and cannot bear so much.”[1] It would be easy to misconstrue this saying of St. Anthony if we ignore the context in which it was stated. When Anthony first entered the [Read More…]

On Providence

Providence is an important, albeit, difficult concept to explore. Because we are dealing with the way God, the simple, eternal unmoving mover, acts in relation to the temporal order, God’s providence will remain a paradoxical mystery to those of us whose only experience of it is in the temporal sphere. We can seek to understand [Read More…]

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Paschal Reflection

God, the Father through the Son and with the Holy Spirit, created the universe and all that was in it. God established the boundaries, that is, the natures of those things which he created. How? By the Word, by the Logos; they found themselves to be logoi reflecting the one Logos of God: In the [Read More…]

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The Wormtongue Option

After all the debate over the so-called Benedict Option,  I decided to invite Grima Wormtongue to offer his own advice for the future of Catholicism. Today, Spy Wednesday, he got back with me and offered the following words: The world is a mess. Danger lurks everywhere.  Evil is winning. Look. The world is changing. Everything [Read More…]

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

Perhaps one of the more confusing Scriptural passages to interpret comes from when Jesus talks about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. He says, contrary to our expectations that God seeks to save all sinners, that those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age, or worse, in eternity: Therefore I [Read More…]

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On The Herculean Jacob

Jacob, who was later renamed Israel, served in himself a representation of all the people of God. His life, his struggles, certainly were his own, but they also participate in and exemplify the difficulties that anyone who is to be found in the people of the true and eternal Israel will experience, in one form [Read More…]

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