We Must Have Times For Community and Times For Silence

Abba Anthony once went to visit Abba Amoun in Mount Nitria and when they met, Abba Amoun said, “By your prayers, the number of the brethren increases, and some of them want to build more cells where they may live in peace. How far away from here do you think we should build the cells?” Abba Anthony said, “Let us eat at the ninth hour and then let us go out for a walk in the desert and explore the… Read more

Book Review: A Christian Samurai: The Trials of Baba Bunkō

A Christian Samurai: The Trials of Baba Bunkō by William J. Farge, SJ. (Washington, DC: Catholic University of America Press, 2016),  xxv +300 pages. In Tokugawa Japan, Christianity had become outlawed. While it appeared that Christianity had died out, and many historians therefore have ignored its historical presence in Japan during this era, it is now apparent that Christianity went underground. Christians hid themselves from the government, and they might have had access to the best catechetical material so their… Read more

The Resurrection And Ascension Of Jesus Leads To The Dormition And Assumption of Mary

In giving birth thou didst preserve thy virginity; in falling asleep thou didst not forsake the world, O Theotokos. Thou wast translated to life, O Mother of Life, and by your prayers you deliver our souls from death (Troparion of the Dormition). Jesus was born of the virgin Mary. This is how God the Son, the Logos, chose to dwell among us: he truly became man, and this was done in and through Mary. Her body was the source and… Read more

Denounce Racism and Sexism So We Can Work to Bring the World Together as One

Christians are called to be imitators of Christ, indeed, to be christs in Christ. They are called to be salt of the earth, to purify and protect the good within creation. They are to take the accomplishment of Christ as high priest and take it to the world, so not only do they purify and protect creation, but they work with grace to restore it to its natural integral unity. What sin has caused to be torn asunder, they are… Read more

St. Maximos And The Incarnation

Soon after soon after being tortured, having his tongue and right hand cut off, and then being sent into exile, the elderly St. Maximos died. Born around 580, he would fall asleep in the Lord on August 13, 662.He was one of the great intellects and spiritual masters of the Christian East, recognized as such during his life, which is why when he took a stand on an important and divisive theological issue, what he said would be noticed by… Read more

The One And Us

“Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD“ (Deut. 6:4 RSV). Despite some confusion various Christians and non-Christians have concerning the Trinity, this truth is one of the basic tenets of Christian doctrine: God is one. Indeed, God is the One. Various philosophical and theological discussions can and do ensue from this fact. While the transcendence of God makes even what it means for us to say he is one impossible for us to comprehend, we can nonetheless… Read more

Fear And The Love For God

He also said, “Always have the fear of God before your eyes. Remember him who gives death and life. Hate the world and all that is in it. Hate all peace that comes from the flesh. Renounce this life, so that you may be alive to God. Remember what you have promised God, for it will be required of you on the day of judgment. Suffer hunger, thirst, nakedness, be watchful and sorrowful; weep, and groan in your heart; test… Read more

Join In With The Light: A Reflection On The Transfiguration

Thou wast transfigured on the mount, O Christ God,/ revealing Thy glory to Thy disciples as far as they could bear it./ Let Thine everlasting light shine upon us sinners/ through the prayers of the Theotokos, O Giver of Light, glory to Thee (Troparion for the Transfiguration) The light of truth which transcends the darkness of our minds requires us to be patient until we have found ourselves adjusted to the light. In that patience, we must still our thoughts… Read more

Sacraments of Initiation

Baptism, Chrismation (confirmation), and communion, when considered together, have been called the sacraments of initiation. Historically, the three would be received at the same time. That is, when someone converted to the Christian faith, they would be baptized, chrismated, and receive their first communion at the same service. Due to the way chrismation was mostly administered by a bishop in the West, chrismation and baptism slowly became separated and administered at different times. For missionaries, as well as parishes which… Read more

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