Cambridge Grateful

The boys spent the morning learning how to use a smudger to make their pencil lines disappear when drawing.  I thought it was cool.  They tolerated it until they could get outside. Outside, in the backyard of other homeschoolers.  Outside, where there were chickens to chase, trees to climb, and cornbread fights to be had. [Read More…]


My baby got baptized today.  Stood in front of our church in a little purple robe, read his testimony, renounced evil, and got dunked by his daddy.  We gave him a Bible as a gift, and he went to bed clutching it with one hand while clutching his tattered, dirty blanket with the other. “Now [Read More…]


Well, if you’ve been paying attention, you won’t be surprised. We met with a neuropsychologist yesterday and found out that Zach has a host of diagnosable issues.  I decided not to name them all here, but like I said, if you’ve been paying attention you can probably make some good guesses. We’ve known for some [Read More…]

Playing Hooky

I really hoped I wouldn’t do this, but I did.  I skipped homeschool today.  Not like when I bring a few things to Starbucks and call it homeschool.  I skipped it completely. Thursday is field trip day.  And one or two Thursdays a month, Jeff or the au pair take the boys on the field [Read More…]

Joey Pigza

I’ve been thinking a lot about Joey Pigza these days.  If you don’t know who is, you are missing out on perhaps the most endearing character in all of modern children’s literature. Joey’s desire to do the right thing despite his inability to do so is all too familiar.  His sympathetic understanding of his parents’ [Read More…]

Money Well Spent

Donuts, Arthur, and a car showroom.  How could that be bad, right? It wasn’t.  It was a great day of homeschool at the Honda dealer.  Where they serve free donuts, have a flatscreen TV, and let you use a small table and whiteboard in a playroom for kids. Sweet. We got more done in three [Read More…]

Pushing Buttons

You may have noticed that I posted my first pictures last week.  Now that I know how to do it, it’s no big deal, right?  Why is technology like that – for me anyway? I didn’t use a breast milk pump for six months because just staring at the machine made me feel anxious.  Then [Read More…]

Bad Mommy

Yesterday, Zach peed on the floor in his room. That’s right.  He peed on the floor.  Apparently, Ezra and a friend were pretending to pee on the floor and everyone was laughing.  So Zach thought it would be especially funny if he actually peed.  Have I mentioned that he is working really hard to figure [Read More…]

Study Groups

Just got home from my second homeschool study group of the week.  Tonight was for people using Charlotte Mason’s principles.  Monday was for people who wanted to learn how to teach writing.  (And by people, of course, I mean mothers.  Jeff is homeschooling the boys for 9 hours a week, but you won’t catch him [Read More…]


“Kevin, you are so debonaire.” This was Zach’s response to a joke that Kevin told at dinner last night.  Kevin, who works as an Americorps volunteer at our church, is very, very funny and not what I would immediately call debonaire.  So I described what debonaire was and asked, “Does that sound like Kevin?” “No.” [Read More…]