Skill 7: Self-Directed, Engaged Learning

(Warning: This is a ridiculously long post – made longer by this warning.  But I loved this last skill.  Back to short and sweet tomorrow.) We were at a birthday party last week when one of the girls from Zach’s 1st grade class asked him, “So you have school in your house now?” “Yeah,” he [Read More…]

Day 31

(Note: I took a break today from reviewing the life skills described in Ellen Galinsky’s new book, Mind in the Making.  I will finish up with the final skill tomorrow.) Today was Day 31 of this one-year experiment.   And when you say it that way, it sounds like we’re only one month in on [Read More…]

Day 6 of Mind in the Making – Too Easy!

Zach was talking to his grandmother this weekend on speaker phone, and she asked how homeschool was going. “It’s good.” “It is?  What are you learning?” “Nothing.  It’s easy.” “It’s easy?  Well, aren’t you learning writing and math and history?” “Nope. We don’t do those. Everything is easy. Which would be bad news if it [Read More…]

Day 5 of Mind in the Making – Critical Thinking

“Mommy, why do the leaves fall from the top of the tree first?” Ezra asked this question in the car last week, and before I could say anything in response, he and Zachary started spouting off theories about what could cause this phenomenon. Which is good, because I had nothing to say.   I had never [Read More…]

Day 4 of Mind in the Making – Making Connections

“It’s so amazing, Momma.  Your bum is so large it can cover up the entire stool.” “Yes, thanks for noticing.” “Seriously, it covers like the whoooole thing.” Ezra seems to find no end of things to which he can compare the size of my “bum.”  The stool comparison happened this morning, while we were homeschooling [Read More…]

Radio Silence

Fell asleep at work today.  Homeschool, work, life.  Mommy needs a nap. Will resume tomorrow. [Read more…]

Day 3 of Mind in the Making – Communication

“This is where it happened.” That’s how Ezra began one of his tall tales last year.  As he and Jeff were walking by a corner in Central Square, Ezra launched into a story of how my mother was mugged the last time she was in town and crossing the street with Ezra on that very [Read More…]

Day 2 of Mind in the Making – Getting Perspective

On our first visit to the MFA two weeks ago, Jake asked the boys, “Do you know the three rules of an art museum?” Ezra responded quickly and exuberantly.  “No violence!” “OK – four rules,” Jake replied while laughing. I don’t know what kind of kids Jake normally gets at the museum, but for my [Read More…]

Day 1 of Mind in the Making – Focus!

“Can we please focus?!” This is a plea the boys hear many times during a typical morning.  And the answer always appears to be no.  They are too busy trying to stay in their seats, sometimes literally gripping the sides to keep from bouncing up.  They are too distracted by their brother’s work and what number [Read More…]

Mind In The Making

Do you find yourself talking about executive function skills at cocktail parties these days? OK – neither do I.  But only because no one invites me to cocktail parties.  If they did, though, I might ruin their soiree by blathering on about the latest trend in how to obsess about having the perfect child. When [Read More…]