Base-10 Freak

Despite my claims of being cool a few posts back, in many ways I’m a freak.  Planes, bats, and lightening turn me into a raving lunatic – hence the Lorazepam stash I considered breaking in to a few weeks back.  Breaching whales, high thread count sheets, and Pecan Sandies have all given me spasms of [Read More...]


Wednesday’s nature class was an all-boy affair.  Friday’s park day the same.  I haven’t been doing this long, and we’re in Cambridge, so my dataset is inadequate and any conclusions I might draw would not pass what researchers call a significance test.  But I’ve been wondering if more boys are homeschooled than girls. Is all [Read More...]


There is a theory among some homeschoolers that everything a child needs to know can be taught by the parent.  If you don’t know how to play the piano, you learn while you are teaching your kid.  If you are afraid of math, get over it.  You were probably afraid of dropping your newborn on [Read More...]

The Cost of Homeschooling

Are you hoping this post is going to be about some lyrical sense in which homeschooling is costly? Well, it’s not.  Instead, I’m gonna run the numbers.  (Note: all prices rounded to the nearest ten) Lakeshore Learning (furniture, materials, pocket charts): almost $2000 Home Depot (pvc pipe and glue to make pocket chart stand): $10 [Read More...]

What Is It About Balls?

Before my kids could walk, they would pull themselves up, gripping with one hand the metal track in the “Ramps” exhibit at the Boston Children’s Museum and with the other a golf ball.  They would reach as high as they could, drop the ball on the ramp, and watch it circle round and round as [Read More...]

Why I Work

I flew in from Virginia today and went straight to work, where I run afterschool and community programs for our church.  The high school seniors were coming in today to work on college essays. When I got in, D asked me how long it would be until the jet lag hit me.  He thought that [Read More...]

New Zoo Revue

I went to the National Zoo this afternoon with the boys and their cousin Jesse.  We were headed to the panda exhibit to do some research on their habitat.  Along the way, I heard some interesting scientific hypotheses.  Here are the best three: On Reproduction: On the way to the pandas, we saw Prezewalskis horses, [Read More...]

Sick Day

No home school today.  Not unless you are one of the unschoolers.  The unschoolers reject the whole idea of school.  We are all teachers and all students all of the time.  Life is about teaching and learning.  Cool. For the unschoolers, today would have been just another day.  But not for me.  I’m neurotically goal [Read More...]

Why Home-schooled Kids Are Weird

Eleven AM and we are trying to get out the door to go to Chuck E Cheese for PE today. (Hey – we’re experiencing rain of biblical proportions down here, and I contend that skeeball is as athletic as square dancing or calisthenics or whatever else they do in PE. And before you judge, let’s [Read More...]

Where the Heart Is

I came home yesterday to help my nephew Nathan catch up with schoolwork.  He’s home from the hospital but not ready to go back to school yet.  So now I’m homeschooling three boys who would rather not have me as their teacher.  Good times! Thoughts on going home: When I tell people that I’m going [Read More...]