Why Home-schooled Kids Are Weird

Eleven AM and we are trying to get out the door to go to Chuck E Cheese for PE today. (Hey – we’re experiencing rain of biblical proportions down here, and I contend that skeeball is as athletic as square dancing or calisthenics or whatever else they do in PE. And before you judge, let’s [Read More…]

Where the Heart Is

I came home yesterday to help my nephew Nathan catch up with schoolwork.  He’s home from the hospital but not ready to go back to school yet.  So now I’m homeschooling three boys who would rather not have me as their teacher.  Good times! Thoughts on going home: When I tell people that I’m going [Read More…]

Buddha Cheese

Ezra just asked me, “Mommy, what’s that cheese I like?  Buddha cheese? Or Gouda cheese?” The China theme may be getting out of hand. [Read more…]

Delicious Perfume

Last year, Barefoot Books came out with their first children’s novel, Little Leap Forward: A Boy in Beijing. I bought it in anticipation of our trip to China over the summer.  But as I read it to the boys, they couldn’t follow along.  There were too many cultural references that eluded them.  Frankly, I couldn’t follow it [Read More…]

No More Tears

“God, please help us have homeschool without crying today.” The noon hour was upon us and the boys and I were feeling pretty good.   As Zach had prayed, we made it through a whole day without crying, and we celebrated by jumping around and high-fiving each other.  You’d have thought we solved the Fibonacci [Read More…]

…and then I do.

“I really like this song now,” proclaims Ezra this morning. “You do?” I ask incredulously about the awful, impossible-to-sing, archaic hymn. “Yeah, me too! It’s pretty good,” agrees Zach. Jeff and I look at each other with surprise and shrug our shoulders.  Our boys are nothing if not surprising. “At first I don’t like songs, [Read More…]

Tell the truth.

“Ezra, did you wash your hands for dinner yet?” I asked last night. “MmmmHmmmm.” “Ez, look me in the eye and tell me if you washed your hands… No, look me in the eyes, not the forehead, and tell me if you washed your hands.” “Oh man.  I really wanted to get away with that one.” [Read More…]

My nephew is sick.

Nathan is the first baby I ever really loved.  He is my sister’s son, and when he was a baby, he stole my heart.  He was funny looking and I called him a lizard baby.  Since then, I’ve gotten busy and he’s gotten all old and tweeny on me. But last week, when he started [Read More…]

The Field Trip!

The secret to a good day of homeschool is the Field Trip.  (cue angels and harps) The field trip is to our first week of homeschool what sex often is after a big fight: it reminds you that you like each other and that things are probably going to be OK. (Didn’t see that coming, [Read More…]

Day 3

Are you getting tired of hearing how terribly things are going?  Not as tired as I am of writing about it. So here’s a list of a few funnies heard in between breakdowns and fights: A Curriculum Review: Why do they call this Handwriting Without Tears.  This should definitely be called Handwriting WITH tears. Said by [Read More…]