Dropping The Kids Off At Camp: Why We Left Our Boys With Strangers

In that moment, I knew we had made the right decision to send the boys to camp. And in the panicky moments since then, I keep reminding myself that my boys will see a truer version of themselves in the eyes of those counselors than they often see in mine. And then I pray that I would have eyes to see that version too. [Read more...]

Answers To All Your Questions About Homeschool

When it comes to homeschooling, I’ve answered every question and critique in the book. From now on, I’ll just refer people to this brilliant video. [Read more...]

Are You Dreading Your Kids This Summer?

“I give you a lot of credit.  I could never do it.  If I homeschooled, we would all kill each other.” I hear some version of this nearly every week.  The implication is that somehow I am different from those other mothers, the mothers who breathe a sigh of relief when they drop their kids [Read More...]

Blogging Is Hazardous To Your Spiritual Health: Why I Do It Anyway

Blogging is good for her spiritual life. Blogging is bad for her spiritual life. What’s a girl to do? [Read more...]

This is what gratitude looks like.

Ezra’s been excited about painting lately, and he’s always over the moon about the aquarium.  So for his birthday we got him a set of paints, brushes, and canvasses, along with a painting done by a seal and a voucher to go behind the scenes with one of the seal trainers. This video is of [Read More...]

Sweet Sixteen: Mothering The Daughter I Wasn’t Expecting

When I was baptized, a woman came forward and prophesied over me, which, if you didn’t grow up in a Pentecostal church, can be a tad overwhelming.  Referring to a biblical promise I hadn’t read, she said that God was going to restore to me all that the locusts had eaten.  I had no idea [Read More...]

Parenting in the Pew – Tips for Stressed Out Parents and Fed Up Congregants

Church is not an adults-only resort. Yes, many parents need to do a better job parenting at church, but your hostile eye-rolling is not helping. [Read more...]

We’re Raising a Nation of Incompetent Narcissists

We are raising a nation of incompetent narcissists! Precious little darlings, who can’t skin their knees or end a season without a trophy. Future college applicants, who are reading by five and adding fractions by six, and who are nonetheless unable to tie their shoes or eat in a restaurant that doesn’t serve chicken tenders. Four-foot consumers, who demand that their parents’ mini-van purchases meet all of their entertainment needs. [Read more...]

Ninety Percent Nicer: Homeschooling Children With Disabilities

When Tara went to a dyslexia conference, Ezra cheered, claiming that she was always “90% nicer” after attending one of “those meetings.” Was he right? Did his mother need a reminder about how severely his disabilities affected him in order to treat him with the understanding and patience he needed? [Read more...]

You Can’t Put Light In A Box: Freedom’s Promise On A Dark Day

Terrorists may have wanted us to despair that the promises of freedom and peace were in vain, but the words of the Declaration of Independence rang louder than the bombs. You can’t put light in a box. [Read more...]