We’re Raising a Nation of Incompetent Narcissists

We are raising a nation of incompetent narcissists! Precious little darlings, who can’t skin their knees or end a season without a trophy. Future college applicants, who are reading by five and adding fractions by six, and who are nonetheless unable to tie their shoes or eat in a restaurant that doesn’t serve chicken tenders. Four-foot consumers, who demand that their parents’ mini-van purchases meet all of their entertainment needs. [Read more…]

Ninety Percent Nicer: Homeschooling Children With Disabilities

When Tara went to a dyslexia conference, Ezra cheered, claiming that she was always “90% nicer” after attending one of “those meetings.” Was he right? Did his mother need a reminder about how severely his disabilities affected him in order to treat him with the understanding and patience he needed? [Read more…]

You Can’t Put Light In A Box: Freedom’s Promise On A Dark Day

Terrorists may have wanted us to despair that the promises of freedom and peace were in vain, but the words of the Declaration of Independence rang louder than the bombs. You can’t put light in a box. [Read more…]

Boston Is A Small World

The anger I feel that someone bombed Boston has taken me by surprise. I had started to think of myself primarily as a digital citizen of a shrinking world. Monday reminded me otherwise. [Read more…]

I Was Wrong About Facebook

I was afraid of reconnecting with old friends on Facebook. But doing so reminded me that my life is more like a novel than a series of unrelated short stories. [Read more…]

Can You Help Your Children Develop A Conscience?

My sweet, rule-following, justice-oriented son stole a friend’s Pokemon card last week. Then he announced the feat during an evening of sharing our highs and lows. As his high. Our question: Can you help your children develop a conscience? [Read more…]

On The Way To Easter: Mourning With Jesus

it wasn’t the resurrection that first drew me to Jesus. The idea of resurrection was confusing, even offensive, at the time. It was Jesus as he wept over Lazarus that first drew me in. A man overcome with grief was something I could understand and hang on to. [Read more…]

Is Menopause From Hell?

Now I’m not saying menopause is from the devil. But it did make our house hellish last week. [Read more…]

Easter Celebrations and Amusement Parks: Disappointing

On Easter, we’ll put on fancy clothes and head off to church. We’ll enjoy the music and the friends. We’ll enjoy hearing the resurrection story. On the way home, though, we’ll wonder if the celebration lived up to all the hype. We’ll be left asking ourselves, “Was that it?” The answer, gratefully, is No. [Read more…]

Is It Too Late For Lent?

I couldn’t handle Lent this year so I didn’t start until Palm Sunday. Hopefully, it’s not too late. [Read more…]