Muslim Libertarians Fight Islamophobia in a New Way

"How can we find new ways to stop prejudice?" This is a vital question. Bias hurts both the general public and specific communities. The American Muslim community, in particular, has been exploring new ways of addressing Islamophobia -- the irrational fear of Muslims. At ILLUME Magazine, an award-winning digital news outlet that comes from the American Muslim experience, we've seen a number of imaginative answers to anti-Muslim stereotypes. We were surprised, however, when we … [Read more...]

Speaking up For a Silenced Voice: The Case of H. Rap Brown


By Obaid H. Siddiqui Imam Jamil Al-Amin, once known as H. Rap Brown, rose to fame for his eloquently defiant revolutionary stance against the institutional and social racism of the 1960s, and then for his role as a local, national, and international Muslim leader in the decades since. He rose to infamy after his murder conviction in 2002. Yet, most people have never heard of him. I knew of him vaguely through brief news stories in the past. When I had spoken to anyone about his case, I … [Read more...]