The United States and Middle-Eastern Arms Trade — A Closer Look

By Richard Reno We’ve all seen the tragic images of children killed or injured in the Syrian civil war. An estimated 55,000 children have been killed in the fighting. This is among the hundreds of thousands total casualties of civilian deaths. Less known are the thousands that have died in the conflicts taking place in Yemen, Iraq, and Libya. The war in Yemen between the Sunni led government and the Iranian backed Houthi rebels has already killed more than 10,000 and displaced more than 3 mi … [Read more...]

The Koran is a primer for peace

Originally Published in The Financial TimesFrom Dr Sohail Husain, Pittsburgh, PA, USSir, David J Critchley (Letters, March 31) suggests that the Koran is an inherently violent document. He takes exception to the reference from the Koran I had cited (Letters, March 28) that killing one innocent person is akin to killing all of humanity. He argues that a problematic caveat is that the Koran condones capital punishment under certain circumstances.I believe that such objections arise … [Read more...]

Book Review: Paul and the Pharisee Conspiracy Against Jesus

by Labeeb Ahmad  An Enlightening Explanation of Paul's Deliberate Corruptions of Jesus' Teachings & it's Consequences for Humanity This book caught my eye because of the numerous unresolved questions I had regarding the roots of Christianity. Based on my religious studies, it always seemed that the majority of the gospel of Christ - the teachings spoken by Jesus and promulgated by the apostles he commissioned during his life - and Christianity's most fundamental doctrines had a major … [Read more...]

A Muslim Imam’s Response to the London Attack

by Imam Azam AkramAs a Muslim Imam (Religious Minister), I find myself in a bind each time an atrocious act against Humanity is committed. Whether it is an act of terror or an act of injustice. That is because my eight years of formal training in the Qur’an, Sunnah, Hadith, and authentic teachings of Islam have no basis for these atrocities. In an act of terrorism, an individual attacked Parliament killing 4 and injuring 40 others. I cannot but take this as a moment of reflection.There’s … [Read more...]

Ahmadi Muslims bring CT together for “True Islam Requires Patriotism” Symposium at New Haven City Hall

& Patriotism Tuesday, April 4th Keynote Session 6:00 - 7:30 PM at New Haven City Hall, Second Floor, Meeting Rooms 1 & 2, 165 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06510Ahmadi Muslims bring CT together for "True Islam Requires Patriotism" Symposium at New Haven City Hall In the rude awakening of the Westminster attack, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community CT is bringing their nationwide True Islam educational campaign countering extremism to New Haven City Hall on Tuesday, April 4th. The … [Read more...]

Response to the London Attack

by Adil Khan  I was in London four days before the attack in front of Parliament on the 22nd in which 3 people were killed and 40 others injured. I was visiting both for a medical school interview, and—more importantly for me—a personal meeting with my Beloved Spiritual Leader, His Holiness the Khalifa of Islam, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad. He is a well-recognized champion of world peace, and is uncannily—given the timing of yesterday’s tragic event—scheduled to headline the Ahmadiyya Muslim Comm … [Read more...]

Response to TheReligionOfPeace

by Imam Rizwan Khan Someone recently emailed asking if I could explain certain teachings of Islam. I googled what he wrote and found that he had entirely copy pasted his objections from the following website: Obviously basing your understanding of Islam on an anti-Islamic website is not an academically honest way to approach any subject, but he seemed confident that this was an accurate representation of what Islam teaches. … [Read more...]

A Muslim-American Story

by Aamir QuraishyOn January 20th, the president of the UnitedStates passed an executive order that banned refugees from Libya, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and Somalia from entering the United States. While there have been many stories about refugees, I’d like to share with you the story of my Muslim community and myself.I am a US citizen. I was born and raised in America. The two flags I have always held dear to my heart are America’s star spangled banner and Arizona’s copper star, sunset s … [Read more...]

Common Misconceptions about Islam

by Imam Rizwan Khan  The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association has been conducting a successful #MeetAMuslim campaign across the country where our youth take to the streets to introduce themselves to the community and spread peace and understanding. Taking note of this campaign, an anti-Islam website called JihadWatch put together a set of questions for their readers to ask: Several of the questions are poorly formed … [Read more...]

Trump’s Ban Has Brought Us Together

by Anique Tahir As an American Muslim, this past year has filled my head with doubt and questions. Will my family face bigotry based merely on the faith we should otherwise have the freedom to follow? How can I show my fellow Americans that Islam is a religion of peace and solidarity? This past week, President Trump has helped answer and clear some of the doubt and questions that shrouded my mind. It has been truly humbling to witness the outpouring of support shown by my fellow Americans … [Read more...]