Drawing a dream is a red carpet invitation for our inner child to show up and play

You must not let your life run in the ordinary way; do something that nobody else has done, something that will dazzle the world. Show that God’s creative principle works in you.

~Paramahansa Yogananda

Take a dream, any dream, and get out a sketchpad. Now draw or paint your dream.

If your gift in life isn’t in the visual arts (like Yours Truly) don’t be concerned. Draw stick figures, think like a caveman and think of your drawing/painting as a map of the dream. In my dream workshops, participants love this exercise…the natural born artists and the stick figure drawers (like me).

A picture says a thousand words, and drawing our dream can reveal relevant insight we would never catch if we were just journaling.  It’s as if the mere notion of drawing, sketching, or painting a dream is a red-carpet invitation for our inner child to show up and play and reveal the truth of what’s really going on deep inside. Under the guise of this being a frivolous and fun exercise, a phenomenal level of serious dream clarity can come rushing in.


<<<Click here to listen to my interview with Dream Artist, Walter Berry.>>>


Today, while your inner perfectionist is still sleeping, slip out of bed, and grab a sheet of paper (or simply sketch in your dream journal), and without thinking, let your dream map express itself across the page.


Dare to share your dream drawings here!


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