Online focus group: how much should you save for retirement?

inflation money

Yes, I know my blog readers are hardly a random sample.  But it would help me with a project I’m working on if you would answer this question for me:  what is your own understanding of how much one should save for retirement?  By “one” I mean whatever rule of thumb you are aware of for American workers, in general, or whatever you believe is the right approach for you personally.

Please feel free to add comments on your own particular circumstances:  married or single, older or younger, childless or parenting, professional or working class, and so on.  And please feel free to share with others for their comments.

And while a real focus group would offer some token of thanks, I can only just say “thank you for your comments.”


Image:  yes, sometimes I just hunt around in my images library for something fun.  But who wouldn’t like to have saved 100 million [units of currency] for retirement?  Own image.

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