Depressive Catholicism

It would be wrong of me to identify as “depressed.” For one, I’ve never been diagnosed. Frankly, unless things were to get impossibly bad, I’m resistant to the idea of what I see as medicalizing a variable and temporary condition (I wouldn’t describe my “depressiveness” as clinical). In my eyes, and in the eyes of [Read More…]

An Interview with Yours Truly on NPR

I’ve been off at “theory camp” for the past few weeks, which, unfortunately has slowed down my blogging (not to mention the 150 or so books I have to read for my exams this fall!). While I find more time to get back in touch with you lovely readers, I thought I’d share this—an interview [Read More…]

If the Church Condemns Socialism, She Condemns Modern Conservatism

Liberalism carries with it specific discourses… [Read more…]

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Christianity, Conspiracy Theory, Evil

What is the relationship between American Christians and conspiracy theories anyway? [Read more…]

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A Byzantine Morning Prayer

Would that my prayer life were not so tumultuous. All too often I oscillate between regulated piety and spiritual sloth, an inability to do more than utter a “thank you” to God as the day begins and ends. Of late, however, I’ve been blessed to have looked back into my Pocket Prayer Book for Orthodox [Read More…]

Humility and Joy, Joy and Humility

I made the last-chance Mass, as I believe they call it. I wandered in around 7PM to find the church unexpectedly full. [Read more…]

Catholicism and Marx: An Introduction

Catholic readers found an ally in Marx because he was interested in many of the same questions they were. [Read more…]

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Nostalgia: Enemy of Christianity

Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia—these days a common thing. My father re-watches Smokey and the Bandit, pining simultaneously for a culture and place he has never really known (smuggling, the American South) and for whomever he was in 1977, younger, with more hair. I myself feel it in the way many “90s kids” do: in the form [Read More…]

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The Fatal Flaw in the Pro-Life Movement

There’s been a good deal of talk about the Pro-Life Movement recently, specifically how it has failed. [Read more…]

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