Donald Trump: America’s Death Rattle

I did not think Donald Trump would be impeached; in a way, I still don’t. But the fact is that we’re now talking about it in earnest. [Read more…]

Anarchism and Catholicism: An Introduction

“Anarchy,” a scary word to many, doesn’t get much used in Catholic circles. It seems downright frightening, either theologically or personally—it seems to threaten longstanding traditions of justice, not to mention the personal comfort and status of the West’s largely comfortable and assimilated Catholic population. Witness, for example, the Catholic Encyclopedia: The theory of anarchy [Read More…]

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Be as Job

Job confounds. A book in which God allows “the satan” to overwhelm a righteous man, purely to prove that Job’s righteousness and fear of God come not from God’s blessings, but instead are rooted in a respect for the creator. The premise thus seems simple enough: love God at all times; let not material and [Read More…]

Don’t Let Mike Pence Speak at Notre Dame

As a man who has quite literally left the Catholic Church, it’s hard to imagine showcasing a worse example for the faithful. [Read more…]

Ecclesiastes Is All We Need

Everything, absolutely everything, you consider important, all the goods to which you lay claim—it’s all vanity. [Read more…]

How to Avoid Cafeteria Catholicism and Champagne Socialism

In my own conversion, Catholicism was attractive precisely because it provided guidance; it made sense out of how to live. [Read more…]

The Thing about First Things

During my senior year of college, I took over our campus’s right-leaning paper, The Fenwick Review. Notorious for its polemics, its deft ability to put the student body at odds, my tenure as co-editor marked something of a shift. We made the thing glossy in contrast to its previous news-ink soaked state. We brought on [Read More…]

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Pope Francis Revisited

Will we read him with suspicion, or shall we honor him in love? [Read more…]

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Responsio ad Herr Journalist Polemikerque Rod Dreher Louisianae

“Hail Muse! et cetera.” – George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, FRS “Yeah them my dogs, them my boys.” – Jeffrey Lamar Williams, Not FRS It is I, Herr Doktorand Chase William Jarid Michael Padusniak, son of Frank and Robyn, likewise grandson of Frances and Chester, Frank and Stephanie, etc. And I was once a [Read More…]