It was so fun to be back at Liberty a couple weeks ago. I spoke on healing I hope it encourages you guys! Read more

This might have been my most fun video I’ve shot to date. It was a blast running around the island with my buddy Brodie Smith to shoot this. As you can see we used my new book as a target. It was fun to dust off the old arm and throw some baseballs (I haven’t thrown that much since college!). After watching though, who do you think won the battle?!     Read more

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know I’m obsessed with Back To The Future. I have a lego set, an action figure, and I even reference multiple times in my new book. Obviously yesterday on social media was great and fun to watch, but by far the best thing I’ve seen is this 10 minute bit they did on Jimmy Kimmel. Love the addition of Huey Lewis too! Read more

Alyssa and I have been wanting to make this video for a long time. God has His best for you, and relationships are our opportunity to lean into that. Watch below to see us talk about this more. Hope it encourages you, or maybe you think of someone you can send it to that might be encouraged by it also. (more…) Read more

I thought this was such a beautiful picture of not only trusting when something doesn’t work out, but also being creative in how we love and give. So awesome! Read more

If you are an avid YouTuber you know that Blimey Cow is one of the best channels out there. I love those guys, and their videos always have me laughing while at the same time making me reassess a lot of weird things we don’t often think about. So it was super fun when we finally were able to connect and they even let me be in their newest video for a few scenes. So fun! Watch below (and try… Read more

  Bringing the vlog back during book tour! Here’s the first week after we left home 😀 Read more

What if we put our phones down more? What if we lived more? Recognized the sacred right in front of us instead of getting lost in a screen? In my new book It’s Not What You Think I ask these questions and also take a deeper look at what it’s doing to our humanness and connectedness (specifically in chapter 5). Phones aren’t evil, but it’s clear that we are at a place where our use of them is changing us and having… Read more

One of the things that bums me out the most is when I see married couples not putting time and energy into their relationship (my marriage included!). If you are married, it’s the very center and foundation of your life, and so it should get not just as much but even more attention than your job, the kids, and definitely your hobbies. But I think a lot of times it comes from thinking that the concept of “dating” is over… Read more

This is amazing. And a must watch. Too cute. This will probably be Kinsley in 10 years. Read more

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