The British Have Invaded 90% Of The World

When it comes to invading foreign lands, no one does it better than the British:

Every schoolboy used to know that at the height of the empire, almost a quarter of the atlas was coloured pink, showing the extent of British rule.

But that oft recited fact dramatically understates the remarkable global reach achieved by this country.
A new study has found that at various times the British have invaded almost 90 per cent of the countries around the globe.

The analysis of the histories of the almost 200 countries in the world found only 22 which have never experienced an invasion by the British.

Among this select group of nations are far-off destinations such as Guatemala, Tajikistan and the Marshall Islands, as well some slightly closer to home, such as Luxembourg.

What a shame that the Brits got so close to a perfect invasion record and yet fell short. David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, could become the coolest world leader of modern times if only he’d announce that he’s sending the Royal Marines to take over Burundi, Monaco, Vatican City and all the other countries his predecessors failed to conquer.

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