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Thought Life

Dear Rob Bell: The Church Isn’t Giving an Inch on Gay Marriage

There will be no truce. We will not bargain down our doctrine. We will not hand over our beliefs. We will not put the truth in a heart-shaped box. We may lose our public voice, but we will not lose our public convictions.

Joy Indestructible

Finding Joy When Life Hurts

Trials do not surprise the Lord. They might surprise you, but they do not catch the Lord off guard.

Bible and Culture

Uncommon Sense

I've grown weary of so many Christians using the phrase "well it's just common sense!" I've grown weary of it especially when what follows this exclamation is usually ideas which are not compatible with what the Bible says.

Roger E. Olson

Confessions of an Egalitarian Complementarian

The topic is gender. It's a minefield. Anyone who dares to step into it must be prepared to be injured.

Just and Sinner

Can Christian Colleges Continue to Welcome All?

All colleges and universities - not just private or religious ones - are more or less consciously taking deliberate steps to indoctrinate students into a specific and limited range of acceptable ways of understanding the world.


Passing of Charles Cranfield (1915-2015)

Rest in peace, Charles E. B. Cranfield.

Esquared media network

Blood Is Thicker Than Water, But LOVE Is Thicker Than Blood

Blood is very thick and in the stepfamily relationship, when a child believes he is loved and committed to, and is important, the child will form a bond that becomes very thick as well.

Pilgrim's Road Trip

Radio Silence

Here's what I know about God: He usually doesn't give us a peek at his long-range plans for our lives.

The Fuller Blog

Should We Talk About ‘How’ We ‘Do Theology?’

This is mainly because talking about God and figuring him out is not easy.