If you’d like to inquire about my speaking at your church, institution, or event, please email me at john@johnshore.com. I have two main talks I give:

UNFAIR: Christians the LGBT Question. There are five truths about the Bible that compel the attention of anyone seeking clarity on the relationship between the Bible and homosexuality. Each of these truths on its own is enough to conclude that the Bible does not, in fact, condemn homosexuality; taken together they can be seen as five fingers of a hand that is firmly taking ahold of the Bible and pulling it back.

A Church for the Unchurched. Nearly one in three Americans don’t attend church. Yet two-thirds of the unchurched self-identify as Christian. What’s going on? Why this great disconnect? How has the church hurt so many people—and how might Christians help heal that hurt? For seven years now the unchurched have been writing me to talk about why they’d rather go just about anywhere but to church, or do anything but publicly identify as Christian. I myself was a virulent anti-Christian until my sudden conversion experience at thirty-eight years old. I’m therefore in a unique position to understand why the unchurched feel the way they do, and what churched Christians can, and should, do about it.

Speaking endorsements:

“Writer and speaker John Shore is a force of amazing Christian common sense! His spiritual journey is a theological breath of fresh air, one that all communities of faith need to experience! I promise you: your community will be challenged—but definitely not left there; they will be also be empowered to make a difference.”— Rich McCullen, Lead Pastor, MissionGathering Christian Church, San Diego

“Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Dana Point, CA hosted John Shore for our Sunday morning Adult Education time. He spoke on his extraordinary experience of becoming a Christian, and then on his thoughts related to the struggle of living out the faith. During the Q & A time, it was evident from the responses of those in attendance (high school students; seniors; conservatives; liberals; singles; marrieds, etc.) that John’s message was both encouraging and challenging for all. As an aside, several members came up afterwards and thanked me for having John. These members were now going to invite friends that previously they were unsure would be welcomed at our church. Because of John’s presentation and the congregational responses, they were now confident that their guests would be well received. As a pastor, it doesn’t get much better than that response–”a foretaste of the feast to come!” And so I recommend Mr. John Shore without hesitation, and I hope to schedule him again on another topic.” — Pastor David R. Mattson, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Dana Point

“John Shore’s musings on Christianity are very funny, thought-provoking and touching. In his book and in person, he shows that one needn’t be ignorant, clueless, superstitious, or friendless to be a Christian in our modern world.” —The Rev. Canon Allisyn Thomas, Director of Spiritual Formation, St. Paul’s Cathedral, San Diego.

“Every year our church participates in PRIDE week here in San Diego, as a way to connect with and identify with the LGBT community. This year, for Pride 2013, we wanted to bring in a special Guest Speaker, and immediately John’s name came to mind. (See our banner about his visit above.) John has long been leading the way in speaking with a uniquely Christian voice to the issues of homosexuality and Christianity. If you’ve read his work then you know how great a writer he is, and all I can say is that he is EVERY BIT the speaker you would think based off his writings. He was funny and engaging, smart and articulate, but best of all he spoke with a heart full of compassion and grace. Our faith community was blessed by John’s words, challenged by his passion, and encouraged to continue being a light in a dark world.” — Colby Martin, Pastor of Worship & Arts, MissionGathering Christian Church, San Diego

“I highly recommend John Shore to you as a speaker. Whether it be to a Christian Education class, a youth group, a study group, or as a guest preacher, I am confident you will be pleased to have invited John to recount his out-of-nowhere conversion experience. His is a story which manages to be at once hilarious and touching enough so that, when he recently spoke at one of our own forums, it brought tears to my eyes. You might choose to ask John to read from his brilliant little book “Penguins, Pain, and the Whole Shebang: Why I Do the Things I Do,” by John Shore (as told to God). Writers and speakers with John’s fresh message and style simply don’t come along very often. I urge you to share with members of your own church the blessing that John has certainly been to ours.” — The Very Reverend Scott E. Richardson, Dean, St. Paul’s Cathedral, San Diego.

“As an middle-aged ordained person in a mainline denomination, I am always in search of fresh ways to present the Good News of God’s abundant and abiding love, especially to generations younger than I. John Shore’s books give me a wondrous tool to do just that. I am grateful the Holy Spirit grabbed—and is still grabbing—John, a modern prophet and a gifted author.” — Rhonda McIntire, Rector, St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea, Pacific Beach.

“John Shore offers his faith experience with God in an amusing and engaging manner. Several of our groups have enjoyed his presentations, responding with enthusiastic questions and comments. We are looking forward to John’s return visits as he has new insights to share with us.” — The Rev. Julia W. Christian, Associate Rector, St. James by-the-Sea Church, La Jolla, CA.

“I want to thank you very much, John, for visiting with our parish community at Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church in El Cajon yesterday evening. From comments I have heard already, I know that your lively yet thoughtful presentation will have a lasting impact on our people. Your story of conversion and your journey in Christ demonstrate the power of the Gospel to transform lives in new and unexpected ways. Though few of us are as articulate and, if I may say so, charming as you, your insights into life nevertheless resonate with everyone. As one parishioner commented to me after the presentation, ‘He’s good; I understand him.’ Again, it was wonderful of you to take time out of your busy schedule to spend a few hours with us in prayer, fellowship, and discussion. Know that you are always welcome at Saint Alban’s. We look forward to hearing of your newest books as they become available. You are a gifted writer and speaker.” — The Rev. Dr. Frank Hegedus, Saint Alban’s Church, El Cajon, CA

“John Shore has a particular ability to speak the language and style of young adults. His genuine openness and thoughtful reflections provide a bridge for seekers in search of a faith community.” —The Rev. Canon Richard Lief, Canon for the Arts, St. Paul’s Cathedral, San Diego

“John Shore would be an asset to any writers conference. He’s experienced, he loves writing, and he knows the business better than most, having worked in just about every aspect of writing one can imagine. His faith is contagious—and he’s funny! At our conference in San Diego, his workshop was one of the best attended, and one that received some of the most positive feedback. Is he a little quirky? Unconventional? Yes! But his blog is one of the most read pieces of writing on daily basis in Christendom—because he makes his readers think, and challenges us to go back to the basics. I highly recommend him.” — Jennie Gillespie, President, San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild