Avoiding the Karma Bus

Ever think about karma and how it affects your every day life?  Some of us go out of our way to avoid it, and then some of us learn it the hard way!  But it doesn’t have to be that way… here are some great tips on how to avoid the karma bus! [Read more…]

Dream Messenger: Heaven’s Warning

Do our loved ones visit us in our dreams? Do they communicate with us or send us heavenly warnings? I say they do!  Let me continue… He stood in front of a burning wall, the tub behind him full of water. I still remember his white shirt, pants and the belt that he wore; the [Read More…]

Criminal Souls: Accountable?

Ever wonder if people who committed crimes and got away with them while on earth pay their karmic debts after they’ve died?  Are Souls accountable on the other side? A great big hug to Sherry Anderson for asking: “Hi Jay, I was wondering… If a person does something criminal against you, but you were not [Read More…]

Honey I’m Home: A Message from the Other Side

Early April, my wait in the doctor’s office was taking longer than usual. While waiting, a woman came and sat down beside me, somewhat shakily.  Introducing herself as Jen, I could feel her nervousness and despair. It wasn’t only for herself, it was also for someone she cared deeply about, someone I felt she was [Read More…]

Abortion: A Soul’s Plan?

Ever wonder about the death of a soul by way of abortion and its affect on the spirit?  Feeling guilty about terminating a pregnancy and have trouble living your intended life?  If you have, then you need to watch this video!  Thanks to Quartz for bringing up such a very sensitive subject.  Please know that [Read More…]

Skeptical Spirits: Is there an Afterlife?

Have you ever wondered if a loved one who didn’t believe in the afterlife would make itself known in Spirit after they died?  Mother, Brother, Sister, Lover, trust me, doesn’t matter, they sure do!  Thanks to Melanie Kubatlija who wrote: “Jay, I have always wondered if you are able to connect with the spirit of [Read More…]

Special Delivery from Heaven

Eyes betrayed her nervousness even though her smile was warm.  Ava was young, perhaps late 20′s, and I invited her to come in. Climbing the stairs she stopped suddenly to turn and look down toward me and said, “I’ve had readings before, but not like the reading I’m going to get today.” “What do you [Read More…]

Without A Doubt

Can I read your mind you ask, Save you from your sinking raft, Help you when there’s no way out, I can’t hear you scream and shout,   Only you can save your soul, Don’t you see the story’s old, Time has taken what you feel, So much so that wounds won’t heal,   Take [Read More…]

Repetitive Numbers: Spirit Signs?

Have you been seeing numerical patterns of 111’s, or 222,’s and so on and wonder why?  Have you ever thought that Spirits signs can come to us through numerical sequences?  Well, if you thought no, think again!  You don’t have to be a Medium to receive signs from the other side.  I’ve spoken to so [Read More…]

Emotional Human Spirits?

Ever wonder if your loved ones get angry on the other side when we do things other than were promised to them?  Will they mind if you keep their ashes at home, or divide them up?  Do you think Human Spirits become emotional when we let go of their belongings or sell the family home [Read More…]