Evidence of Spirit: A stranger’s reading

I met this beautiful stranger and gave her a reading. Her boyfriend really wanted her to know he’s been lurking around! Here’s what happened next… Thanks to the beautiful stranger who let me share this video with you! Photo Credit: Like by Geralt @ Pixabay Read more

Helping Spirits Cross Over

Did you know that even though you may not be a light worker, you possess the power and energy to help grounded Spirits cross over to the other side? Yep, that’s right! There is such a misconception when it comes to this type of work. So many people think they need to leave it to a Medium or other type of light worker to return the dead back home. Just not so! Thanks to Melysa for the subject of my… Read more

Whitney’s Reading: The Spirit that follows her

Not long ago, I put a random invitation out on Social Media for 50 people to join me for a Jay LIVE! “Just Ask Jay” Session.  It was time to give back to those who needed it most.  Afterall, everything happens the way it’s intended to.   I offered the 2 hour session on a first come, first serve basis, for those who were seeking answers to the questions that they had, or who wanted to hear from the spirits… Read more

Why Do People Die the Way They Do?

Having experienced a near-death drowning at the age of 4, I often wonder how I’m going to come into my final days. It seems I’m not alone as many people tell me that they often think about how they are going to die, or often ask why their loved ones would have chosen to die the way that they did! Thanks to Deb for opening this forum on why people die the way that they do and the subject of… Read more

Ghosts on guard: Protected from the Other Side

Have you ever been in a bad situation but deep down inside, you knew you were going to get out or be okay? Ever walk away from a wreck without having suffered one scratch? There are reasons that everything happens the way that it does! Are there ghosts on guard or other spiritual beings on the other side who guide or protect us from dangerous or potential life threatening situations? Here’s my response to Shannon who writes: Hi Jay I… Read more

4 Simple Coping Tips for Worry Warts

We all tend to worry at one time or another.  We worry about our children, our pets, our jobs, we worry about worrying!  Too much of it can at times lead to physical and emotional health issues. Carolyn, who suffers from a lack of sleep because she constantly thinks and worries about her son possibly having seizures, is the subject of my video. If you’re a worry wart, then you’ll want to check out this out! Worry Wart:  I toss… Read more

Healing: A reading for you

Having a bad day? In a situation you can’t see your way through! Need a little spiritual kick in the pants?  Well, I thought I’d do a little reading, just for you! Healing: A reading for you… watch my video! It’ll make you feel better! PS. Check out the orb visitor I had… again! Art by: Lauri Loewenberg, Dream Expert Photo credit: Jay Lane Read more

By Your Side

The light that shines bright in your eyes The tears that kiss your face at night The heartbeat you feel in your chest That’s me you feel, I do confess   I’m always with you by your side I see you clearly, please don’t cry I’m the sun that warms your face And the rain that you embrace   I’m always with you by your side Deep in the night when stars collide When you dream sweet thoughts of me… Read more

Just Cause You Can’t See It…

Did you know that we are surrounded by about 200 to 500 types of spirit energies per day? Yep, human spirits of all sorts! Grounded spirits, spirits in visitation, and the list goes on! Just cause you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there! Where, when and why do they follow us around? Watch this video to learn more and to check out the interesting “spirit” visitor that I had the other day! Please subscribe to my channel. Photo… Read more

Advice to a Gifted Death Seer

Some people feel blessed by their GIFTS, while some feel cursed!  Dirinda wrote to me looking for advice because she’s been given the GIFT of seeing death a week before it occurs and is afraid to visit her ailing father in law as a result.  I hope my video helps her, or others like her going through the same kind of challenge! do you have any advise for a death seer. i am currently afraid to visit my 94 year… Read more

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