We’re are literally always with you: A message for two sisters

Do you know that Spirits know what we’re doing, when we’re doing and why we’re doing the things that we do?  Lisa Marie sure found out when I connected with her as she appeared as a random guest on my Just Ask Jay Live weekly podcast. A clear message for Lisa Marie and her sister, Laurie, who was clueless her sister was online with me, getting a clear message about… everything! We’re are literally always with you:  A message for… Read more

Manifestation: Are you feeling it?

Ever wonder why you might be trying to manifest but nothing is happening with that? You ever think you’re spending too much time in front of your vision board? Here’s my take on manifestation! I hope you enjoy this video! x Photo credit: Hip-Hop by Myriams-Fotos @ Pixabay Read more

Graveyard visits: Are they there?

Graveyard visits… are spirits there when we visit them? Brad wrote in asking several questions surrounding the fact that his mother is buried provinces away, while he’s in Ontario, feeling guilty for not visiting her grave site. So, should he go? Or, is he going there for nothing! Here’s what I had to tell him. Photo credit: Portugal by Olafpictures @ Pixabay Read more

The Spirits of Facebook Live: Kayla & Eric’s Reading

I reached out to a random Facebook Live audience from my Medium Jay Lane page to see if they could help me test out and resolve a problem that I was experiencing with my audio.  Once the broadcast started, posted a link and invited random guest from all over the world to join me on a “live video chat” to help me out!  This is what happened!  Thank you Kayla and Eric for allowing me to share this video. Photo Credit:  Camera by StockSnap… Read more

Should I leave my friends at home? YES!!!

Hi Jay, Should I leave my friends at home when going for a private one on one reading with a Psychic or a Medium? I often hear that Psychics and Mediums can pick up energies from far away.  It is wise to keep my friends at home?  Thanks,  Marlene Photo credit: Tarot by Rirriz @ Pixabay Read more

Recognizing Souls from a Previous Life?

Hi Jay, My mom and I have always felt like we may have known each other in a previous life…is that possible? I’ve also met people that I’ve been comfortable with right from the start…could it be because I’ve known them before in another lifetime?  Terry Pink Swear by CherylHolt @ Pixabay Read more

Am I fulfilling my Soul’s agreement?

  Hi Jay, I want to learn more about soul agreements. How do they work and how do you know if you’re fulfilling your agreement?  Patti Photo Credit: Doors by Pixel2013 Read more

Be thankful for your Soulmates

I had a few people ask me my take on Soulmates! Here’s what I had to say. Photo Credit: Vintage by Evalynn @ Pixabay Read more

Oh yes… Mom’s spirit is around!

I reached out to Social Media to see if anyone had questions for me. I was happy to meet with Monica, who asked if Mom was around. This is what I felt! Photo credit: Woman by Geralt @ Pixabay Read more

Will we know when we will die?

I recently reached out to Social Media for random people to interview!  Sylvie agreed to meet me to ask me a very interesting question.  I thought you might like to check out our conversation. Thanks Sylvie for taking the time to join me for Just Ask Jay! Photo Credit: Arrangement by Geralt @ Pixabay Read more

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