Advice to a Gifted Death Seer

Some people feel blessed by their GIFTS, while some feel cursed!  Dirinda wrote to me looking for advice because she’s been given the GIFT of seeing death a week before it occurs and is afraid to visit her ailing father in law as a result.  I hope my video helps her, or others like her going through the same kind of challenge! do you have any advise for a death seer. i am currently afraid to visit my 94 year… Read more

Animal Souls: Do they have one?

Ever wonder if animals have a Soul? Some religions don’t believe that animals have souls, in fact neither do certain cultures because they believe that animals are not capable of sin. Thanks to Kim, this vlog is about what I believe as a practicing Psychic/Medium. Watch this video to learn more. Photo Credit: Dog by Kaz @ Pixabay Read more

Pulling the plug on our loved ones: Living with the decision

So many people have never been able to get over “pulling the plug” on their loved ones.  All too often, none of us are prepared for these types of things to happen, but they can.  Here’s what I tell most who have had to remove their loved ones from life support or make end life decisions!  I hope this video helps you .  x Please subscribe to my channel! Photo Credit:  Hospice by Max LKT @ Pixabay Read more


The darkness is now before me, I try to close my mind, Can’t imagine the destruction, Or the reasons why,   The war hasn’t settled, In fact it grows quite near, Before I seek my freedom, I have to face my fears,   Why can’t there be peace, In the world we hold so dear, Do we have to carry on, With our aggravated sneers,   Why can’t we live forever, In the shadow of this man, To deliver out… Read more

What Attracts Ghosts

Ever wonder what attracts ghosts? Can you be doing something that you’re not aware of that may be attracting them to you or your family? Have you ever asked yourself how to avoid attracting ghosts into your life? If you’ve answered yes to one of these questions, then this video is for you! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe to my channel! Photo credit: Gothic by Darksouls1 @ Pixabay Read more

A Widow’s Guilt: Finding love after loss

One of the most asked questions when in session with clients is about finding love after loss and the guilt someone experiences as a result.  Wanting to move on after a spouse or partner has passed can be somewhat difficult if you are still grieving, even though you may think you’re not.  If you’re feeling this way, then there’s something you need to know and this video may help you move on! Thank you for watching!  Please subscribe to Just… Read more

Manifestation: A Reading for you!

  Manifestation:  A reading for you using my Soul Seeker’s Deck. Photo Credit: Oracle Girl by JavierRodriguez @Pixabay Read more

Will we remember dying?

As a Psychic/Medium, I often get asked the “dreaded” question about death! It’s not surprising to me that many people believe their loved ones take their last memories along with their suffering to the other side. They couldn’t be further from the truth! Will we remember dying regardless of how we die? Watch this video to find out! Photo Credit: Sexy by Toromeart @ Pixabay Read more

Ouija Boards: Yes or No?

Ouija Boards, what are they all about?  So many people are fearful of Ouija Boards, while some play with them without even thinking about the possible “repercussions”.  Unlike other tools of divination, the Ouija Board is intended to be used by more than one person!  What do you think?  Ouija Boards:  Yes or No?  Here’s my take on them! Photo credit: ℳ adeline via / CC BY-ND Read more

Five Ways to Be a Better Listener

If it’s one thing I have learned how to do over the years, it’s listening.  Granted, as a psychic/medium, I listen in all sorts of internal and external ways, but it’s all the same the end of the day.  I just thought I would give you my thoughts on how to be the best listener ever. Do your best to clear your mind when listening to someone else. Create a space where the individual feels like the most important person… Read more

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