Advice to a Gifted Death Seer

Some people feel blessed by their GIFTS, while some feel cursed!  Dirinda wrote to me looking for advice because she’s been given the GIFT of seeing death a week before it occurs and is afraid to visit her ailing father in law as a result.  I hope my video helps her, or others like her going through the same kind of challenge!

do you have any advise for a death seer. i am currently afraid to visit my 94 year old father in law, he just lost his girlfriend of 14 years and his health has its ups and downs. i only see death for people who are close to me. its not like i see the grim reaper, its a feeling and i can tell you when they are going to die within a week. this lovely gift was given to me by grandmother.  dirinda

Photo Credit: Woman by Darksouls1 @ Pixabay

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