Ghosts on guard: Protected from the Other Side

Have you ever been in a bad situation but deep down inside, you knew you were going to get out or be okay? Ever walk away from a wreck without having suffered one scratch? There are reasons that everything happens the way that it does! Are there ghosts on guard or other spiritual beings on the other side who guide or protect us from dangerous or potential life threatening situations? Here’s my response to Shannon who writes:

Hi Jay
I was just wondering if it’s possible to be guided and even protected from the other side? I’ve been in situations (4 wheeler totally engulfed in flames while driving it in the middle of the bush) and one car accident where I have felt totally protected even calm and comforted. I have always wondered who has been guiding and helping me along the way ❤️ Shannon

Photo Credit:  Night by Estefano @ Pixabay

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